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Numantia: Review

The Siege of Numantia in 150 – 130 BC was a historic event where bunch of people in old-timey Spain decided to stand up against the Roman Empire. They gave it a good crack but it didn't


The worst has happened. There is a world fuel shortage. Desperate to feed their energy hungry populace, the three largest empires on the globe go head-to-head to capture the last reserves of fuel. No soldier is too


You have the knowledge, power and the determination to change the world. Silently your organisation seeps out, gradually staining the globe with your influence. The time is ripe to take control, and bring the entire planet under


Peace and tranquillity disappeared the moment the Rot took hold of the King. A once orderly land, plunged into war and deceit. Even as the King’s life fades, prominent members of the clans position themselves to fill