Pixel Pop Network is an Australian based website designed to cover all facets of Video Games, Movies, Comics, Anime, Cosplay and the broader Pop Culture. While we still aim to bring you the big global news, we also want to ensure we give plenty of page space to local, Australian news and content.

Local game developers, cosplay competitions, video game tournaments, local exhibitions and conventions and much, much more.  We’ll definitely bring you game reviews for the big AAA titles, but we’d also like to take some extra time to focus on locally developed video games and make sure that Australian content gets the coverage it deserves.


How did Pixel Pop Network come about?

Our sister site, Australian Tabletop Gaming Network, was primarily designed to focus on tabletop gaming.  Nothing digital was to be included.  It quickly became apparent though that there was an awful lot of Australian content that extended into the digital realm.  Creating a website just for video games though was too narrow a focus and the decision was made early on to create a site that covered a broad spectrum of digital gaming and pop culture, much like ATGN does with tabletop gaming.  It was going to be a big job though and a lot of time and attention was being spent on ATGN.  Pixel Pop Network was always on the cards, it was an inevitable outcome and extension of ATGN, we just had to wait for the right time.


What are the goals of Pixel Pop Network?

Pixel Pop Network hopes to be the largest and best provider of video game and pop culture information for Australians.


How do I help out with Pixel Pop Network?

Easy! Just send us an email with your name, location and a brief description about yourself and your speciality within the scope of video games and pop culture.  We are always on the lookout for more contributors.  Please direct your emails here – mail@pixelpopnetwork.com.au


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