Pixel Pop Movie Podcast: Episode 19 – A Look at 2017

Welcome to another episode of the Pixel Pop Movie Podcast!  This fortnight the team bring you the latest TV show and movie news as well as discussing all the latest gossip, theories and ideas.  We talk about and review Jumanji 2 before going on to do a summary of the big films from 2017.

So join Toby, Ethan and Jesse for an hour worth of discussion and laughter.  As always, you can tune in on either Sound Cloud or YouTube, whichever platform is your preference.  Make sure to give us a like or a follow though, or even a thumbs up if you liked it.

Recorded Saturday January 13th 2018.

Time Codes

20:40 – Jumanji 2 (Spoiler Free)
24:35 – Jumanji 2 (Spoilers)
27:26 – The Rock. Chris Pratt. Fatigue.
29:48 – Orient Express
31:30 – 2017 Review

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Trailers & Links

Altered Carbon (Netflix)

To see all of our 2017 movie reviews simply head to the movies section of this website.


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