Blade Runner 9732 – A Virtual Experience

If you’ve ever listened to the Pixel Pop Movie Podcast then you’ll know that I’m a bit of a Blade Runner fan.  I’ve watched the movie countless times (all of the different cuts), I own the attache case in Blu-Ray format which wasn’t available in Australia (only the DVD version of the case was) and studied the film way back in high school, looking at its lighting, sound, camera angles and the like.

I was also a huge fan of the sequel and thought it an excellent follow-up on an all time classic.  A departure from the literary material certainly, but then so was the original film from Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?  I’m also somewhat of a fan of the works of Philip K. Dick, but that’s not really relevant at the moment.

So naturally when fellow podcaster Ethan sent me a message to let me know about Blade Runner 9732, a virtual recreation of Rick Deckard’s apartment, I was pretty damn excited.  I threw it on the download and waited with anticipation.  Conveniently, the new face pads for my HTC Vive that my loving wife ordered for Christmas had just arrived (a fortnight late) and I’d just given the helmet a thorough clean.

Take a look at the game (and me) in action right here –

Firstly, a huge pat on the back to Quentin Lengelé who has put an enormous amount of effort into making this experience a reality.  In my video I had thought that the back wall behind the piano had windows, but some quick googling proved me wrong.  In fact Quentin appears to have done his homework!

I found a really neat article from 2013 that shows a lot of images from the interior of the apartment so you can compare them to the game yourself.

Don’t have a HTC Vive? Don’t sweat it because the ‘game’ runs on regular desktop PCs as well.

The best part of all this is that the entire thing is completely free!

Head over to the Steam Page and download it for yourself –

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