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Everybody loves a good movie, and then there are some – myself included – who have a bizarre, self-torturous love for bad movies. These two things rarely *if ever* intermix.
Every once in a while, however, when the moon is full and the wind blows the soft sounds of ‘Rhythm of the Night’ in the right direction…we get The Room.

Many have never heard of it, but those who have know it to be ‘the best bad movie of all time’.

It is a movie that defies genres, conventions and even human understanding. It spawned cult-cinema screenings around the world, and has now spawned a semi-biographic movie starring James Franco.

This is The Disaster Artist; a movie about a movie about a guy who just wanted to make a movie.

And trust me, it’s glorious.

Almost as glorious as this GIF of Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero.



And so a cult icon was born.


For those not acquainted with ‘The Room’, here’s a bit of a cheat sheet for you.
1: Go watch it, it’s amazing.
2: It was written, directed and produced by a bizarre space man named Tommy Wiseau; who funded the entire thing with his mysterious fortune.
3: Tommy Wiseau also starred in the lead role, and accidentally gave the best performance of all time.
4: No one knows why any of this happened. But it did.
Okay, so now we’ve got the foundation down for this rather meta film, let’s dive into The Disaster Artist; a passion project by the Franco brothers that is so good it might just see Tommy Wiseau’s name on the Oscars guest list after all.



Fashion icon James Franco sports a white bucket hat + long hair combo this beach season.

The Disaster Artist is directed by James Franco and stars him in the lead role of Tommy Wiseau; a super meta nod to The Room, which was directed by Wiseau and starred him in the lead role…where he appeared to play himself. This is the behind the scenes story of Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero; two friends who unwittingly produced the best so-bad-it’s-good film of all time: The Room. James disappears into the role of Tommy so well that it’s almost spooky how spot-on his interpretation of the man is. Dave Franco is also a knockout performer here as Greg Sestero; selling a true and powerful friendship to Tommy that has no doubt bled through from all the source material used for this film. The Franco brothers really are Academy award level stuff here, and now I can finally say ‘suck it’ to everyone who ever told me that James Franco wasn’t worth a damn. Yes he was, is, and forever will be. Franco forever baby, Franco forever.

Dat side-by-side tho.

In an eerie example of art imitating life, The Disaster Artist is art imitating art imitating life; in the sense that you’re really given a feel for the inner workings of the enigmatic Tommy Wiseau and what is driving his peculiar but undeniable vision. The Franco’s really knock the themes of friendship and ‘daring to dream’ so far out of the park that they become little cartoon glimmers in the sky. This is without a doubt the best movie I have seen in a long time to tackle friendship, and that’s speaking as someone who saw this with my best friend. There’s a lot to relate to here for anyone; especially in the themes of personal sacrifices for friends, compassion and what it means to cement a bond with one special person in a big, scary and frankly very judgemental world. The Disaster Artist will really have you appreciating that special someone or someone(s) who really has your back in life, no matter how weird or Dracula-looking you might be.

See? Even Dracula likes doggies.

While this is primarily the story of Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero’s friendship (one that still lasts today) this is also undeniably the story of the making of The Room. The Room is so accidentally hilarious that it’s a stroke of genius, one of which Tommy Wiseau has become rather proud of despite it being a gross misinterpretation of his original vision. But hey, much like my weekend in Europe, sometimes you don’t learn what you really want in life unless you experiment a little.

The comedy masterclass of The Room continues here in excellent fashion as James and Dave Franco have the cinema bursting with laughter from beginning to end. This movie is painfully funny, and not just when it’s recreating classic scenes from The Room that we’ve seen already. My favourite line in this entire film is a reaction to someone, and it’s sold completely on James Franco’s delivery.

Seriously, this is as much a gem as The Room, and that is a BIG deal.

In the spirit of reviewing The Room, there’s honestly not a whole lot more that can be said about The Disaster Artist other than ‘you seriously need to see this’. However, this time it’s not because something was made so spectacularly off-the-mark that it hit a totally different bullseye. It’s because The Disaster Artist hit a perfect bullseye as a comedy, then like Robin Hood it split its arrow in two for a second bullseye as a drama, and then a THIRD as a semi-bio pic/making of.

Believe the Oscars whispers, because if this doesn’t get a spotlight at the Oscars then frankly the Academy don’t know what the hell they’re doing. I for one hope to see Tommy Wiseau sitting alongside the Franco’s at the Oscars, as this could be a special chance for the film industry to make a truly meaningful moment in someone’s life.
Mr. Wiseau; we’ve laughed at you, then we laughed with you. Now, let’s cheer for you.

The Disaster Artist is a guaranteed classic in the making. For cult fans and general viewers everywhere, this is a fantastic movie about friendship, passion and the greatest dumpster fire of a film you will ever see.
God damn it, go see it.

I mean seriously, who doesn’t want to see a hundred takes of the same rooftop scene?

Wicked Cool Rating: 100%

That’s right, in the last legs of the year, The Disaster Artist becomes the third film to take out the coveted A+ from me. I don’t know if you know, but that’s kind of a big deal.

The Disaster Artist is now showing in all good theatres everywhere, and this time it’s not being paid for by Tommy Wiseau to be kept on screen like The Room. Yes, that happened.

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