Pixel Pop Movie Podcast: Episode 15 – Justice League & The Punisher

Welcome to another episode of the Pixel Pop Movie Podcast!  This fortnight, aside from discussing the latest news in TV and movie land we also take an in-depth look at the new Justice League movie and the much anticipated (by me at least) The Punisher on Netflix.

Ethan, Lin and myself start off the show with news, before we turn to Ethan, Lucas and Lin talking Justice League followed by Lucas, Lin and myself speaking about The Punisher.  As before we speak about both with our spoiler-free thoughts first before issuing warning and moving into spoiler territory.  Time codes for this can be found below and in the description on both SoundCloud and YouTube.

Justice League Non-Spoiler Talk – 16:32
Justice League Spoiler Talk – 25:30

The Punisher Non-Spoiler Talk – 37:40
The Punisher Spoiler Talk – 45:16

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Trailers & Links –

Deadpool 2 – Teaser Trailer “Wet on Wet”

The Punisher – Prelude to a Netflix Series

The Punisher – Prelude to a Netflix Series

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