The Salty Gamer – Did You Just Assume My Genre?

Welcome again, pop culture friends, to another rant. Today, we’ll be diverging slightly from games to talk about pop culture in general, or more specifically, people assuming I’m a patron of all forms of ‘nerd culture’ because I am involved with one aspect of it.

What do I mean by this? The best way to start is by demonstrating how I have to deal with this shit every day.

<While I’m playing MTG>
Twat: “So TSG, did you catch that new episode of <Anime>?”
TSG: “I don’t actually watch any Anime. Its not my thing.”
Twat: “Well see there’s this guy right… <explains the plot>”

Why is this the norm? Why do I have to subscribe to every aspect of this ‘nerd culture’ fad when all I want to do is play games with friends for fun? What idiot determined that all nerds are made equal? To draw a ‘normie’ analogy, its like telling someone you’re an AFL fan, and they go off on a spiel about football (soccer for you heathens). This is not how human interaction works you dolts.

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with Anime, or conventions, or cosplay, but when I demonstrate no interest in your topic, its time to get the hint. This is how normal people engage in what’s called conversation.

Don’t even get me started on this Star Wars vs Star Trek bullshit. I swear I’m going to scream the next time someone looks at me with two heads because my response is “I have no opinion on this” like its some mandatory part of nerd life. Same goes for Marvel vs DC comics/films/TV series.

“Here’s your Coke-Bottle glasses, your stunted childhood and a punch card to demonstrate your unyielding passion for a side in this never ending pissing contest, NEXT. ”

I watch what I watch without prejudging. I watched Luke Cage and missed a lot of the race/history references (as an Australian pile of Salt, its hard to empathise) so didn’t get as much out of it as, say, Daredevil

While we’re here: here’s an observation from an outsider. Both Wars and Trek are genre defining productions with vastly different approaches to storytelling based on their medium (Cinema vs TV) and vastly different budgets per production. Nobody cares that the physics doesn’t work. Nobody cares which you think is ‘better’. Nobody cares whether Kirk or Picard is better (again, different characters aimed at different audiences). Nobody cares. Quit pretending they do.

Perhaps its because I play TCGs, but I find card game players are especially guilty of this sin. If you catch me in a game of YGO, don’t start telling me about your Vanguard deck. I literally don’t know the rules, and no part of what I’m doing conveys in any way that I even know the game exists. Piss off, you’re not interesting, you’re not informative, you’re not converting me, you’re just white noise.

Then there’s those times where someone comes out with a niche interest that’s so out-of-the-blue that even I sit there like a stunned mullet. Just the other week, I was talking with someone about PC games (specifically PUBG) and the guy somehow segued into Japanese Pro Wrestling. I can only liken that experience to being slapped awake from a lovely dream. One moment everything is nice and flowing and reasonable, and suddenly BANG you’re jerked to the side so hard it takes your brain a moment to catch up with the new Hellscape surrounding you. How did he manage this mental EMP? God only knows, but if we could weaponise it, we’d make a fortune from selling it to the military.

It almost makes me miss the old days of being a nerd, before these trash Geek Chic trends, before Marvel and DC made comics mainstream, before The Lord of the Rings movies (and later, A Game of Thrones) made fantasy the norm. Back in those days, you found nerd friends and you clicked based on actual, rather than assumed shared interests. Most importantly, like real people do, you introduced them to new experiences, where now its just assumed we’ve all watched season 6 of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. You literally sat on a couch with them and dragged them through season one, or film one, or a comic or two, or a D&D session, and they gave you their opinion at the end to no judgement on your part.

Maybe I’m being too harsh. Maybe they’re just too passionate to see when they’re talking to a brick wall. Maybe this is how they show their passion, by annoying the hell out of me.

Or maybe they could learn to read a social cue and get the fuck out of my face.

Yeah, that works for me.

Until next time
The Salty Gamer

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