The Ancient Magus’ Bride: Those Awaiting a Star

Wit Studios has wrapped up the 3 part prequel series for The Ancient Magus’ Bride (set to release in October) which gives us a small glimpse into the mystical world of magic that the series has to offer.

The Ancient Magus’ Bride: Those Awaiting a Star, tells us a never before told tale about a moment in Chise’s childhood, Chise being the main character for the series. When I say this story has not been told before I mean exactly that; this is an original story and not taken from the source manga. So even big fans of the manga, like myself, can enjoy something new.

For those unfamiliar with this title, The Ancient Magus’ Bride is a story about a teenage girl, Hatori Chise, an orphan that goes through many struggles. Because of her special quality, being able to see spirits and magical creatures, as well as her affinity for magic, she winds up being placed in an underground mage auction. This is where Chise meets Elias Ainsworth, the demi-human sorcerer that purchases her not to be a slave, but to be his apprentice (and also maybe bride, but that’s a story for another time).

Remember not to feed small children to the crocodiles.

Those Awaiting a Star starts well into Chise’s life as Elias’s apprentice, when Chise is gifted a book that reminds her of a childhood memory. Elias notices this and asks Chise to tell him about it. The book, The Lonely Little Star, recalls Chise back to just after her parents had died when she was now staying with relatives, without really feeling at home. Because of Chise’s ability to see spirits she was ostracized by those around her and seen as a weirdo.

One day while out at the park, Chise has a frighting encounter with a wondering spirit and runs off into the forest. Lost in the forest, Chise encounters a dark and malicious spirit that chases after her, forcing her to take sanctuary in a mysterious building. Here Chise meets, Miura Reiichi, a mage who welcomes her to the “Library in the Forest”.

Go forth my child, anime awaits.

Because of Chise’s reserved and frightful nature as a child, she doesn’t initially feel comfortable around Miura. But after him giving her a library card and inviting her to come and read whenever she likes, Chise begins to feel very comfortable in the library and comes every day. This is a dream come true for the young Chise looking for a place to belong, but what the story builds up it must also tear down. But that I leave for you to watch for yourself.

The Ancient Magus’ Bride is a tragic but enchanting tale, filled with beauty and wonder which also pulls you deep into the darker sides of the world of magic. I would highly recommend this to anyone that is a fan of fantasy and magic. The Ancient Magus’ Bride: Those Awaiting a Star is a beautiful short story well worth watching, and if you enjoy it enough then you can look forward to the full TV series airing in October.

Both Chise and Elias can’t wait for the TV anime to come out.

I’m keeping this article short because I wanted to get this out to you all as soon as I could to let you know that this is a thing and it’s good. My overall thoughts on it are; Wit Studios were smart to release this to promote the series, gaining new viewers and enticing fans with a juicy new story for them to take in; Wit also nailed the art – they were able to translate both the beauty and creepy darkness of the manga and picked very fitting voices for the characters.

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