Overwatch World Cup Cosplay

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Blizzard brought in some amazing cosplayers for the Overwatch World Cup Sydney Group stage. I got the chance to spend some time photographing them.

Doomfist: RockleyRock (With costume made by Henchmen Studios)
Uprising Mercy: Vera Chimera
Mei: Henchwench
Widowmaker: Astrokerrie Cosplay
Junkrat: Fifty Face Jayce
Reinhardt: Scrap Shop Props
Witch Mercy: Zalaria Cosplay
Genji: AmenoKitarou (A. K. Wirru)
D.Va: Team Alithia
Soldier: 76: The LastChancer Cosplay
Anniversary D.Va: Team Alithia
Ana: Clutterfiend Cosplay

Check out our article on the event here.

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