Pixel Pop Movie Podcast – Episode 7: Destiny Still Arrives!

While we’ve been doing the Pixel Pop Movie Podcast for some time now, we thought it might be easier for some listeners to check out the podcast directly from the Pixel Pop Network website.  It also lets you give us more direct feedback in the comments section at the bottom of this page.

Title: Pixel Pop Movie Podcast – Episode 7: Destiny Still Arrives!
Record Date: July 30th 2017
Hosts: Toby, Ethan & Barnet
Synopsis: In this episode the lads talk about all the latest movie news, a lot of which comes direct from the San Diego Comic Con.  Marvel, DC, Netflix and more! For our conversational piece this fortnight we discuss Director’s Cuts / Special Editions and the need for them.

What are your thoughts on Special Editions, Director’s Cuts, and the like? Are you a fan of buying Deluxe Editions? Do you watch all the extras?

Got some suggestions for future discussions we might have? Let us know!

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