No70: Eye of Basir

“My grandmother, Aras and I were living in an old house when I was a kid. This weird house which we lived with our grandmother for long years was located in a narrow street and it has all of our memories. Some nights, there was just pure silence in the house. Happenings that we couldn’t explain would occur in those nights, objects would change places frequently, and sometimes we would feel something passing by the door. One day, when I was passing by my grandmother’s room, I noticed a small chest.

I reached for it but my grandmother got angry and hit my hand. I had never seen my grandmother that angry before. And I never saw that chest again.”



No70: Eye of Basir is a first person, story based horror and adventure game with a focus on puzzle solving to progress the story further. You play as two brothers, Erhan and Aras, who lived with their grandmother and had in their youth been exposed to some paranormal events during the ten years they lived at the house. Since the death of their Grandmother. both brothers have abandoned the house and live very different lives. After 20 years,  Erhan is now a successful archaeologist and Aras has become a famous creative director.

One morning, prior to the games events, Erhan wakes to find strange things in his house; sealed rooms that he had never seen before. While trying to solve the strange ongoings at his house Erhan suddenly disappears. After not hearing from his brother for some time, Aras goes to look for Erhan but he has no idea what he will discover on his journey.

Some key features of the game include (as listed on the Steam page):

  • Psychological Horror – Looking to the darkness and actually seeing it, are not the same.
  • Difficult Puzzles – Lots of story based puzzles which will make you think and search around to not miss any clue.
  • A Unique Atmosphere – An old house, collapsed rooms, memories, humming noises, ancient enemies and brotherhood.
  • Sound and Music – Atmospheric 3D sounds and impressive soundtrack.



What I was able to play of No70: Eye of Basir was fun. It did have the atmosphere that is needed for a good horror game. For me it was like playing Layers of Fear again (just without the electronic hum in the background constantly). As soon as you start the game and are able to move about, you can feel that something is not right. The atmosphere has the hair on the back of your neck standing up as you make your way through the dimly lit house.

On edge and ready for anything to leap out,  you will make your way through the house slowly and carefully.  It can take a while before something genuine terrifying happens, typically once you’ve managed to succeed at solving a puzzle. While this can create a sense of tension, I was hoping for more ‘spooky stuff’ to take place as I was exploring. To my disappointment it didn’t.



I found the scares that were shown rather lacking and a little predictable. When I came across the big bunny at the stairs I knew that something was either going to jump out at me, run by in front of the camera, or appear behind me. It was the same when I picked up the Eye of Basir and went to look at a picture – I knew that there was going to be a scare.

One of the other issues I had with No70 was that you had to finish a full chapter before it would save, and it only had an auto saving mode. I would have preferred to save manually as I had to stop playing a few times because of my motion sickness, and while I understand that not everyone has an issue with motion sickness, I do doubt that some people want to wait till the chapter is ended before the game saves.



I also found that the puzzles were a little harder than I anticipated, as it took me a while to figure out how to partly finish the first puzzle. I searched in every single nook and cranny of the house before figuring it out and it was something rather simple in the end, but because you only have a small dot in the middle of the screen that lights up red when you can interact with something, I really struggled to find all the required things. A larger ‘dot’ would be appreciated here.

This may have just been me not paying enough attention to the middle of my screen and perhaps over thinking what was needed of me. Once you actually pick up the Eye of Basir, which allows you to see things that you normally wouldn’t (example in the above picture) it does make it easier to see where you have to go a bit more.

Overall I really wanted to like this game more than I did. I have no doubt that many people will derive far more enjoyment from the game than I and likely find it more scarier than I did. The biggest deterrent for me was the lack of a save feature. For those with a little more patience and the desire for a bit more puzzle in your horror you’ll find this game ideal.

For those with Virtual Reality at home I believe the developers plan to move the game into the VR space in the near future as well. Something to consider when weighing up the $9.99 USD tick of entry.



Score: 80% – Not quite my cup of tea but for those who enjoy puzzles or are new to the horror genre it is definitely worth checking out.

No70: Eye of Basir is available on steam. –

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