Pokemon Grow Part 6: The Endgame

The world of Pokemon is Big – Really Big – and everyone makes their own way as suits them.  Some people keep Pokemon as family pets and companions, while others dedicate themselves to the production and sale of supplies.  It’s rare for anyone to actually aspire to be a Pokemon Master, but when they do, they’re taking on challenges at a whole new level.

Gotta Catch’em All

Capturing and photographing Pokemon is the most direct way of learning about Pokemon, but while individual trainers may be able to learn a lot on their own, Pokemon research is far from an individual endeavour.  The data you gather contributes to a global effort towards understanding the life and potential of Pokemon, both in the wild and living side-by-side with humanity.  As a result, you can expect to see regular updates from the network as our understanding grows, which will in turn help you on your quest (tracking global variables with stretch goals, rewarding players for collective achievements).

In A World We Must Defend

We don’t have much information beyond superstition and myth, but rumours persist of Legendary Pokemon of unimaginable power,  each of them strong enough to throw the world into turmoil if their power was abused.  There are those who would seek to do just that, and while we’ve defeated them in the past, we can always depend on more to try again.  Allied with the League Elites from around the world, we do our best to keep an eye on things, but we can’t be everywhere at once, so it falls to experienced and dedicated Pokemon trainers to be ready when the time comes.

You’ll get plenty of warning when something is afoot – if the legends are true, the effects of such Pokemon being disturbed will be felt across the globe (legendary events drastically affect global spawns and in-game weather).  We’ll depend on the courage and strength of trainers like you to unite against the forces of evil, and restore balance to the world (first stage is defeat NPCs, second stage is defeat legendary).

I Wanna Be The Very Best

I suppose it’s time you learned about becoming the Pokemon Champion, huh?  You’ve been pretty impatient to learn about this, but I saved it for last for that exact reason!

Every major city in the world has a single location dedicated to Pokemon battles of the highest order:  Pokemon Gyms!  Unlike points of contest, these are officially sanctioned locations at which qualified gym leaders accept challenges from trainers from far and wide (gyms house NPCs only).  Gym leaders have attained some of the highest known levels of Pokemon mastery, and while they may have been unable to best the Elites, their power still commands respect (endgame level play).  Defeating even a single gym is an achievement to be proud of, but those able to defeat at least eight in a single season are then given the chance to compete in the international championships!

Each Gym Leader is famous for pursuing a specific strategy to achieve victory.  Some favour a certain Pokemon type, while others favour Pokemon for their strength, speed or defence (gym Leaders now also based on competitive strats rather than just type).  You can challenge a Gym Leader at any time for an admission fee, even after you have already defeated them, though you can only earn their badge once per season.  For those trainers who are not yet strong enough to compete, there are still Gym students (scaled NPCs) that can be challenged for rewards that will help in becoming stronger.

Each leader will remain in a given Gym for one month, after which they fly out to another location and are replaced by a new leader (meaning people don’t have to travel to challenge other leaders).  After ten months, any trainers that have gained eight or more badges may register in the competitive championships.  Championship matches are held first at the national, then international level before a given season’s champion is declared.  From that point onwards, I can’t say much.  I’ve never been one for battling, so you’ll have to find out for yourself.

I’m afraid that’s all I have to teach you.  You have the basics, and you have the knowledge, but there’s no substitute for experience and hard work, so get out there and become a Pokemon master!  And take these notes with you – I haven’t got the time to read through them myself, but there’s bound to be more information in there somewhere.

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