Pokemon Grow Part 4: Special Events

Okay, so when I said a few, that might have been an understatement.  The fact is that there’s always something going on that you might want to know about.  There’s a lot to do when you’re on your journey to become a Pokemon Master, and a lot of people who could use the help of a trainer who knows their business.

Capture Bounties

Take this one, for example.  It’s not uncommon for the police or civil service groups to offer a reward for a Pokemon’s capture.  Sometimes it’s a Pokemon that has gotten lost and sometimes it’s a wild one that might pose a public threat (typically of uncommon rarity and moderate threat level or higher).  Either way, we keep our trainers in the loop on outstanding bounties (bounties are static, but bonuses available based on Pokemon strength).  After you’ve caught a Pokemon marked as a bounty target, you gain the standard rewards as well as a bonus once the Pokemon is transferred, either to its previous owner or to authorities.  Depending on how well the Pokemon is disposed towards you when you complete your mission, you might even be given the opportunity to add it to your team (time limit to prevent people capping and holding before handing in)!

Capture Contests

Sometimes some of the bigger companies will sponsor a special event, setting up enclosures that contain Pokemon that you might not usually run into.  This is especially important for Pokemon you’d only see in the desert, or on the frozen tundra.  Jungles, volcanoes, indoor oceans, these guys really pull all the stops out to let trainers participate in competitive capture events to see who can capture the best Pokemon before the event is over (physically visible on map, generate special spawns for registered players within their radius).  Capture contests have special rules, and while you’re allowed to use all the berries in your collection, you’re limited to using Pokeballs sold by the event’s sponsor (functionally an entry free).  Pokemon that spawn as part of an event always have a special tag (popup:  appear with a coloured halo in world view) which prevents capture by normal means.  You can purchase additional sponsor Pokeballs during the event and can even hold onto your spares for the next time the same sponsor hosts one.

The best part is that you get to keep any Pokemon captured during the event, while the best of those captured is given a score and judged (prizes awarded for Pokemon strength, rarity and affection at time of capture.  Single value based on product of three factors, measured against linear chart, not other players).  Once you have your best Pokemon’s score, you can select from a range of prizes.  Don’t feel obligated to take the best prize available – you’re free to take any one of the prizes below your Pokemon’s tier if you need them more (prizes start with berries and supplies at lower levels, evolutionary stones and suchlike at higher levels).

Swap Meets

Hey, now this is very useful!  Swap meets are a fantastic way of buying or selling equipment and supplies at exceptional prices, with greater varieties and prices depending on the focus of the event.

The farmer’s markets provide an incredible range of berries for you to choose from and offer better prices than the PokeMart for your own, though their capacity for buying and selling is limited.

Rare item showcases are an opportunity to buy and sell evolutionary stones, rare Pokemon accessories and specialist supplies, again being available in a wide variety, though limited supply.

Finally, there are Pokemon swap meets, where you can meet a range of other trainers (or NPCs) looking to either trade their own Pokemon (randomly generated, equal value, five offers at a time, regenerate filled offers weekly) or purchase them for a price (mostly offers for commons, sometimes uncommons).

Uncommon Sightings

This here is a notice that a large pack of Houndour have been seen in the city at night.  That’s a warning for novice trainers, but for aspiring Pokemon Masters, it’s an opportunity for capture.  You can expect to run into quite a few of the Pokemon mentioned whenever these things happen, and it’s not always just a single species.  Mass bird migrations, a sudden spike in the bug-type population and pollination season in the spring are all examples where entire groups of Pokemon are affected, so keep yourself informed and plan ahead (also includes holidays and celebrations like Halloween and Christmas)!

Rare Sightings

Here’s one from a while ago – a Snorlax got loose in the city and was eating everything it could pick up and attacking everything else!  Even experienced trainers should exercise caution whenever a public warning like this is issued.  The trail will be plainly visible on your Pokegear, so it’s up to you whether you stay away or charge in.  It’s not always dangerous, mind you,  the one before was a report that a Dratini had been sighted near the city!  We never did get confirmation on that one, though.

The Return of Team Rocket?

This one’s quite serious, and we haven’t been able to confirm it yet, so it might be nothing.  We’ve received reports of trainers (NPCs) engaging in criminal activity in this area.  We’ve passed on what we know to the police, but you should watch out for anything shady going on.  This can range from strangers on the street trying to scam Pokemon trainers, mistreatment of Pokemon for financial gain or outright attacks against trainers to steal their Pokemon!  Again, this is just based on what we know of similar events in the past – I seriously doubt that we’ll see the likes of Team Rocket again, but it’s always good to be ready

We’ve got a thing or two prepared in case there needs to be a major mobilisation.  For the time being, we’ve set up strong points where trainers can test their skills and help one another become stronger.  Hang around if you want to hear about it!

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