Pokemon Grow Part 3: Pokemon Care and Training

Still here – excellent!  I’ve just brought out a few of my own Pokemon to show you what goes into caring for them on a daily basis.  These three Pokemon are fairly uncommon, so caring for them takes a bit more work than usual – say hello to Pikachu and Vulpix.

Daily Maintenance

The most important aspect of caring for your Pokemon is keeping them well fed.  Pokemon will forage on their own if they have to, but it’s a poor trainer that isn’t able to provide for their team.  More importantly, it’s about giving them quality food that they enjoy.  Pikachu here is especially fond of Tamato berries (anime reference, spicy + sweet, eg. tamato + pecha), and while it might be happy enough with just a berry on its own, I’ve got a poffin here that it’ll really enjoy.  This poffin was specially mixed to appeal to electric types – I’m keeping the recipe a secret for now, so you’ll have to experiment on your own!  All these Pokemon were fed earlier this morning – Pokemon only need to be fed once per day, but can eat up to five times if their condition is poor or if they’re on a regimen.  Pokemon that are well fed will perform better in battle overall, in addition to the specific benefits afforded by their diet.

After feeding, it’s time for a health checkup.  Pikachu has been with me for some time and doesn’t need any help there, while Vulpix is still recovering from a battle we had yesterday.  I’ve got a potion here that I’ll use to help it heal faster, but as long as its properly fed and cared for, an injured Pokemon will eventually heal on its own.  Having said that, Pokemon are always grateful when you heal them immediately, and leaving a Pokemon at low health is risky.

On that note, this Eevee was in bad shape – it was brought in to us after being found abandoned – it really winds me up when trainers think they can just dump a Pokemon because it can’t fight anymore!  Luckily, we’ve got everything we need here at the lab.  Potions and medicine are all well and good when healing cuts and burns, but sickness takes a couple of days of good care and nutrition before it passes.

Finally, it’s time for a brush-down.  All Pokemon love a good brush, polish or just a pat on the head.  It might not seem like much, but taking the time to make sure a Pokemon knows you care for it makes all the difference.  You can also customise any accessories you have picked up for your Pokemon, which can be found in caches, won in contests or purchased from the PokeMart.  Don’t forget that while you’re taking care of your own Pokemon, you can turn off your Pokegear’s tracking of wild Pokemon to preserve battery power.

Give the Best, Get the Best

Now that we’ve gotten that sorted out, it’s time for training.  That doesn’t mean we’re about to get into fighting just yet – that’s one way to train, but it’s not the only one.

The first is the simplest – walking!  Or sliding, rolling, flying or however else your Pokemon makes its way around.  Simply by taking your Pokemon out and about, your Pokemon gains experience and becomes stronger.  The pace you choose is up to you, whether it’s a sprint in the sun or a marathon in a thunderstorm, a suburban stroll or a hike in the wilderness (Speed, distance, weather, time and terrain type influence exp earned).  Just keep in mind that your Pokegear’s Long Grass Mode will be active for this, so encounters with wild Pokemon are unavoidable.

The second is for when you’re at home, work or anywhere else where wandering around isn’t an option and is geared more towards combat.  There’s a number of games you can play together, and the time spent bonding with your Pokemon will strengthen the trust between you (higher affection buffs combat) and their base capabilities in battle.  In conjunction with a diet suited to your Pokemon, training at home is the path to building a robust and healthy team.

Pokemon Storage and Daycare

As mentioned earlier, trainers are limited to carrying six Pokemon with them at any given time.  Any Pokemon caught beyond this must be kept in Pokemon storage, hosted by our research network.  All new trainers are granted a limited number of boxes (five boxes with 20 slots each) to store spare Pokemon, which are cared for and studied by our own research teams.  You can expect stored Pokemon to maintain at least the same condition as they had when you stored them, and under our care they will still recover from injuries or illness, but be aware that their affection for you will fall over time without your attention.  For the avid collector, additional storage can be purchased, permanently increasing the number of Pokemon you can keep, and we also offer a range of modules that can be added to your Pokemon’s enclosure to keep them happy.

In addition to storage, a network of Pokemon Daycare services have also taken their business global, offering to pick up, care for and drop off Pokemon for a fee based on the length of their stay.  During this time, Pokemon will not only receive the standard care but will also be trained by the carers (type of training can be specified and changed once per day), though the decrease in affection still applies.  There are currently five individual daycare centres operating on this system, each of which can care for up to two of your Pokemon at a time.

As it happens, I left two of my Pokemon at a daycare centre together once.  When I got them back after a few days, the centre staff also gave me an egg!  They said they didn’t know how it got there, but I think I can guess.  Unfortunately, the only way to hatch an egg is to carry it around with you, and I spend too much time in the lab.  Would you like it?  Here, I’ll even give you an incubator (random rare).  It used to be that trainers were forced to sacrifice space on their team, but these things keep eggs safe and warm and if you have plans to become a great Pokemon breeder, you might want to consider buying a few more of your own (permanent, but expensive).

I guess there’s not much else to say.  You know about exploring the world, encountering wild Pokemon and now you know how to care for your own!  Oh, but before you run off, there’s a couple of special events on this month!  Just two seconds – I’ve got a few pamphlet for you lying around here somewhere.

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