Dynasty Feud

Dynasty Feud

Time has no meaning here, as warriors from across time are thrust into deadly combat with each other. Overseen by a mysterious, but powerful, benefactor, each team fights with all the weapons and skills at its disposal. No one knows who will come out on top, in this feud which rings throughout history.

Dynasty Feud is a 1-4 player fighting game, in a similar vein to Super Smash Bros. Players take control of a team of five individuals as they go head to head with other people in local or online play. Each team is inspired by a historical dynasty, for instance vikings or cowboys. The teams attacks and special abilities reflect their inspiration, though often in a tongue-in-cheek way.

Within each team are five characters, all of which have different abilities and weapons. Characters are fairly fragile, most can only take one hit before they die, though some can take two or even three. When a character dies the controlling player is momentarily given charge of the team’s benefactor, and can use this to harass the other players or cycle through the roster and choose the next member to spawn.

Dynasty Feud

As the teams battle it out, each kill or death adds to a power meter. Once the meter is full the player can activate a special attack. These range from bullets being fired in every direction, to the character summoning a giant serpent which attacks opponents.

Battles play out across a number of levels themed to the various teams. Each level is dynamic in some way, with destructible elements, moving platforms and traps. Rather than just provide a place for players to fight, the levels posses their own quirks which players must also factor into their strategies. Whether this is the verticality of the level, or that a portion occasionally disappears.

Initially there are only two teams to choose from. After each battle, depending on how well they did, each player is awarded experience. As experience levels are gained, new teams are unlocked. It doesn’t take long to unlock all the teams. In a four player test I was part of, over an hour time span, all of us managed to gain access to the full roster.

Dynasty Feud

Characters are fairly well balanced, with a variety in melee and ranged choices. Some of the last teams to unlock really push the format too, with characters which manipulate drones to attack, or even individuals who self-knockout to boost the power of their team.

The battle game play itself is where Dynasty Feud will really grab you. Giving the game a test with two players I found it seemed a little ponderous or one sided. But get three or four players in on a match and the real magic is revealed. Matches become frantic and anarchic as players bounce around the level firing missiles and making wild swings. Because most characters can only take one hit, it becomes a nail-biting game of feints and manoeuvres.

There are some small problems with Dynasty Feud. While a practise mode has been included it would have been helpful to allow for character changes while in practise. As well as this, a way to try character selection and harassing moves would also have been valuable, as it can be hard to get to grips with them while all hell is breaking loose in a match. Also, once all the teams are unlocked there is little incentive to continue playing.

Dynasty Feud

This is compounded by there only being one match type. We had quite a lot of fun in the hour and a half we played, but generally agreed that with no other game types or rewards to unlock, there was little chance we would return. This is a shame, because the core elements of Dynasty Feud have been really well honed to provide a fun and exciting experience.

Ranked and Quick matches are available, but only seem to accommodate two players. This is a bit of a letdown, as the three and four player experience is where the fun is at. Though Ranked matches do have an interesting feel to them, as players seem to be a lot more cagey, and the style of play changes in an intriguing way.

Dynasty Feud seems like it has achieved what it set out to do, create a fun and chaos-filled multiplayer battle experience. There is enough variety in the teams that players will find it rewarding unlocking each one, and should easily find the teams which match their play style. At the moment the game has a limited lifespan, one which may make the USD$15 price tag seem unreasonable to some players. But if you are looking for a bit of stupid multiplayer fun then you could do a lot worse than spend a couple of hours in Dynasty Feud.

Score: 79%

Dynasty Feud is developed and published by Kaia Studios and available now on Steam.

Reviewed On: PC
Review System: nVidiaN9600C, G1 Sniper M7 S1151, 16GB RAM
Playtime: 3 hours

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