Oz Comic-Con Adelaide

Oz Comic-Con, two days of fun and adventure. I had the opportunity to stroll around Oz Comic-Con Adelaide last weekend and take in some of the sights. And what sights were on offer!

Of course, there were the booths. Whatever you may have been into, odds on, you could find at least one booth to fill the need. From clothes, to board games, to fancy gaming chairs, Oz Comic-Con seemed to have it all. Check your bank balance, and plan what you can spend, before entering. You have been warned!

It wasn’t all just stuff to buy. You could take in a panel, delivered by amateurs and professionals alike.  Why not head to the Gaming Zone, where you could play any of the consoles or tabletop games on offer? Or you could just wander around and take in all the cosplay.

This year was a little more crowded than previous years, what with the event only really utilising one of the two main halls this time. One of the draw cards of previous Adelaide Oz Comic-Cons was that slight extra bit of room available to move around. You don’t miss it until it’s gone! If they persist with this layout hopefully they find a way to gain back some of that space for attendees to move in.

Still, it was a lot of fun. I haven’t even mentioned the special guests, activities, and more which filled the Adelaide Showgrounds Main Hall. If you get the opportunity to attend your local Oz Comic-Con, take it. You will almost certainly be inspired and entertained.

You can find all the locations and dates for Oz Comic-Con across Australia on the website.

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