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Back in September of last year I had a chance to take a look at Bad Ass Babes, an Australian made brawler, and catch up for a chat with it’s sole designer Andrew Thatcher.  For those who missed you can read all about it right here.

While it’s easy to dismiss the game for being crass or offensive you have to give credit where it’s due, Andrew set out to do what many of us had only dreamed of doing since we first played Mortal Kombat.  Creating your own fighting game with custom digital elements was something I’d wanted to do for a long time but never had the skills or patience to do it.  How cool would it be to have you and your friends beating the snot out of each other digitally?

Andrew is also an accomplished photographer and as such is friends with many Australian models. They saw the appeal in the idea and with plenty of determination the dream became a reality.

I wont speak more about the merits of the game, you can read my full review for that.  Since then though Andrew has continued to polish and refine the game.  More levels have been added, new moves and more enemies.  Balancing has been tweaked along with trophies and a gallery added to the game for you to unlock.

Possibly the biggest addition and game changer is the inclusion of a shop between levels allowing you to spend points for power ups.

The Steam version of the game now includes trading cards, wallpapers and emoticons for you to collect as well, which I know a number of fans had been asking for.

You can take a look at the game yourself on Steam right here –

Fantastic to see the game enjoying ‘Very Positive’ reviews!

To celebrate the success of the game and it’s recent improvements Andrew has been kind enough to supply Pixel Pop Network with three Steam Codes to give away to our readers.  The first two will be available right here to everyone, the third will be randomly given to one of our Patreon Supporters who support us at the $5 level or higher.

To be in the running to win a code all you have to do is tell us in the comment below what character of your own design (friend or foe) would you like to add to Bad Ass Babes and what would their special move be?  It has to be original, no Chun-Li, Sonya Blade or Duke Nukem!  Be tasteful, nothing vulgar or explicit (Keep it M15). The best two answers will be picked Saturday 25th of March and contacted via email (so make sure you use a valid email) and announced on our Facebook Page as well.

For our Patreon supporters at the $5 level or higher you don’t have to do a thing, you’re already awesome.  We’ll randomly select a winner on Monday the 3rd of April and contact you with your Steam Code.

Don’t forget to follow Bad Ass Babes on Facebook as well to keep in the loop on updates and a possible sequel –

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