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For Honor is a new action fighting game from developer Ubisoft Montreal. It pits Knights, Samurai and Vikings against each other in brutal fast paced hand-to-hand combat. Each faction has four different classes to choose from, each class offers different weapons and a different skill set.

Over this past weekend Ubisoft held an open beta across all platforms and several members of PPN who participated managed to take screenshots from the platforms they played on. You can compare how the games looks on PC, PS4PRO and Xbox One below. Our contributors that played during the beta also gave us some of their thoughts on the game too!

These images are taken from the PC version

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Kris’ Thoughts¬†

“Very initial thought? Brutal. Second thought? Difficult. This is not the sort of game you can just wander into and do alright. I got my face pushed out the back of my skull in every fight. Everything I tried got blocked, and I could never manage to block the enemy hits. But then again, I suck and bots are better than I. I couldn’t play too much of the multiplayer because it wouldn’t connect to the servers more often than not, but that’s beta for you.

Other than the combat, the multiplayer faction war is a cool idea. It all looks quite nice, I ran at a solid 60 frames at extreme settings.

This is the sort of game like Dark Souls or Blood Borne, where ‘Git Gud’ is absolutely the case. I’m not going to, so I won’t be buying it, but so many others will absolutely enjoy it, especially those who like PvP.”


These images are taken from the PS4PRO version

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My Thoughts

“To me, For Honor doesn’t feel like any game I’ve played before. The PVP combat needs to be swift and precise with almost no room for error; just one move that goes unblocked can lead to your or your opponent’s death. One of the things I did like was the map variations, and currently in the beta there are three maps, each with three different variations which can range from day or night, or foggy among others. Ubisoft has said that on release For Honor will have 12 Multiplayer maps at launch and each map has between 4- 6 different variations that change depending on who out of Knights, Samurai and Vikings are leading the faction war. So there is plenty of content to keep you playing for a long time.”


Marcus’s Thoughts:¬†

“One thing that strikes me immediately about this game is that it requires a hell of a lot of skill if you want to be competitive. You have to pay close attention to your opponent and react to their movements while finding the right timing to strike. And that’s the key word here, timing. If you can’t master the timing required to fight in this game then you won’t be able to master this game at all. Slaughtering minions is a lot of fun but going up against real players is a little too stressful for my taste.”


Image from the Xbox One version of the game


For Honor is looking to be the next big competitive game this year, and Ubisoft have announced there will be a new season of the factional war every three months, and every season will introduce two new heroes (which you have to pay for unless you own the season pass) as well as two new maps that will be free. Free updates will also include new armor and weapons for all heroes.

If playing PVP isn’t your type of thing,¬†For Honor also offers a single player campaign that can also be played in two player co-op. The single player campaign hasn’t been shown off too much at this stage, all we know is that you will play as the greatest warriors of each faction as you storm castles and fortresses to defeat bosses.

Ubisoft is going all out to make For Honor a long lasting and enjoyable game like no other that I cant wait to get my hands on and spend hours playing!

For Honor is released on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One Tuesday the 14th of February.

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