Razer DeathAdder Elite

When it comes to mice I was a big fan of the Microsoft Intellimouse back in the day. Plenty of buttons and very light weight. After that died I went through a phase of Logitech mice with all the bells and whistles, coming off the back of the Intellimouse though they were all really heavy, even with all the optional weights removed.

Then one Christmas as my most recent Logitech mouse was dying a horrible death, my wife bought me a Razer Mamba 2013. Well thank the powers that be for that!

Here was a mouse that felt good in the hand, wasn’t too heavy and had all the functionality I needed in a mouse while being incredibly accurate while it did it. I’m an old fart so I still haven’t caught on to wireless devices yet, the idea of the battery going flat mid-game horrifies me. As such the added weight of a rechargeable battery was redundant for me and so by the time Christmas 2015 rolled around (and I had suitably exhausted my Mamba) I asked my wife for a new mouse, specifically a Razer DeathAdder.

Similar in design and functionality but with the good old-fashioned cable. I was happy. I should point out at this stage that I’m no pro-gamer or e-sports enthusiast but I spend some pretty solid hours at my PC gaming and working and spend a lot of that gaming time with Diablo III.

Diablo III is a known click-fest and I sink a lot of hours into it (10-20 a week), often achieving sub 100 on the North American ladders and completing every Season to date. It’s a pretty punishing process for a mouse to endure and so I think it a pretty decent benchmarking tool.


So when the fine folks at Double Jump Communications sent me a Razer DeathAdder Elite, Diablo III was the first thing I loaded.

But before we get to that let me give you a quick layman’s breakdown of the features in a Razer DeathAdder and the improvements the Elite has made since its predecessor.

  • A seven feet long braided fiber cable with gold connection on the end
  • Ergonomic right-handed mouse
  • Two thumb buttons
  • Fancy glowing lights
  • Scroll wheel
  • A whole bunch of tech to make it super accurate

New to this model –

  • Extra gripping on the scroll wheel
  • Hardware sensitivity buttons
  • Even better accuracy
  • Mechanical switches on the mouse buttons

In particular the two buttons for adjusting sensitivity were a welcome addition, something I had missed since my Razer Mamba.

Okay, so old Razer DeathAdder Chroma unplugged, new Razer DeathAdder Elite plugged in. Windows does its little thing for a moment and we are off, no hassles there. I’m not a huge fan of the Razer software, so I chose not to install it. Thankfully all the buttons and wheels work just fine without it, including the sensitivity buttons.

I fire up Diablo III and away we go. The mechanical buttons are immediately a win for me, these things feel as though they can handle an awful lot of abuse (up to 50 million clicks according to the back of the box). Thumb buttons work fine, I use them for VOIP chat with friends while I play. Feels good in the hand, not too heavy and the responsiveness is fantastic. I quickly clear a few rifts with my LoN Bombardment Crusader and then look for a few other games to test out.

I’ve been working my way through Dishonored 2 so I fire that up and spend an hour or so sneaking about. Zooming in and hitting long distance targets with my sleep darts isn’t a problem. While I didn’t need it I could have easily clicked a button to increase the sensitivity while taking the shot.

Okay, that’s enough games; back to work! Like many I have have a dual screen setup, moving the cursor around in the Windows environment was perfectly fine. Long gone are the days of having to lift the mouse and move it over because you ran out of mouse mat.

Oh! Speaking of mouse mat, it’s probably important to mention that I use a Razer Goliathus as my mouse surface. It’s a little weathered having received it with my Mamba back in 2013, so I’m probably due for a new one. I’ll have to drop some not-so-subtle hints to the wife in regards to Christmas presents. Having a good mouse mat is just as important as having a good mouse. If you are using your mouse on a rubbish surface then your accuracy is going out the window.


It’s hard for me to fault the Razer Deathadder Elite. It’s kind of like Lord of the Rings Extended Edition; you take something already 100% awesome and then you add even more awesome to make it 110% awesome. I can’t fault the hardware (at all) so if I’m going to nitpick it has to be the Razer software. It requires me to sign up for an account (much like the crap Nvidia pulled recently) and I just feel it is a little bloated for what it is. Razer, if you are reading this at all give me a ‘lite’ install option please! I’d like to be able to adjust sensitivity beyond the presets and perhaps toy around with the lighting scheme without having to install your full software package.

One thing I have learnt though is to upgrade my mouse every 24 months. Previously I’d just wait until the thing died and then replace it, but having a fresh mouse prior to that event is… well… refreshing. Considering the amount of use (and abuse) the average gamer gives their mouse it’s probably going to be a wise investment. And if Razer keep squeezing an extra little bit of awesome into each successive year’s model then I know what will be on my Christmas list for 2018.

SUMMARY: I just can’t fault the hardware. For me at least this mouse is exactly what I want with a little bit more. Points deducted for the Razer software, but thankfully you don’t need to install it to make use of the mouse.

SCORE: 95%

You can purchase your own Razer DeathAdder Elite from the Razer Website for $119.95 AUD with free shipping (limited offer). Maybe pick one up as a Christmas present for yourself.

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