PAX AUS 2016: Hyper X

Most PC enthusiasts would be aware of the Kingston brand name. It has a solid reputation for manufacturing quality components and quality prices and the company itself has been around since 1987. I myself have often used their RAM and solid state drives with great satisfaction.

In 2002 Kingston Technology began releasing their Hyper X line of high-performance memory modules primarily aimed at the gaming community. It wasn’t until 2012 though that the Hyper X brand began to diversify into a broader range of products and over those years you can see the logo changing from a large Kingston Technology and small Hyper X to a small Kingston Technology and larger Hyper X to today where it is simply Hyper X.


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While speaking to Michael Teng at PAX AUS it was clear though that Hyper X is ready to stand on its own two feet.  Like a child with a world famous parent, I got the impression that Hyper X wants to show that they’ve got what it takes, regardless of where they come from. And while Kingston will continue to manufacture reliable RAM for PCs, Hyper X is now moving into the gaming peripherals market with a variety of keyboards, headsets and more.

So enough with the history lesson, let’s take a look at the now and the soon to be. Hyper X had a broad variety of their latest gaming accessories at their PAX booth which was bathed in a dim red light.

Taking a look at their selection of keyboards it’s clear Hyper X are moving into the gaming scene in all the right ways. With compact designs allowing for more desk space and mobility, along with a solid steel chassis and Cherry MX mechanical keys, this is a serious piece of gaming hardware.


I had a chance to look at a selection of headsets, all full cup and very sturdy. Light weight and comfort were the goals of the team here with the idea of being able to wear these for long periods of time without any discomfort. Durability is important to me and Hyper X has me covered there too with a number of their designs incorporating a durable aluminum frame. Not just for PC though, a number of Xbox headsets were also in display, including the Cloud X Revolver Gears of War, which had a really nice paint job. While the ‘where-to-buy’ page on the Hyper X website doesn’t have them listed as a reseller, I did notice that JB Hi-Fi carries a variety of Hyper X headsets if you are keen to pick one up.


While the team haven’t moved into mice (yet?) they have begun a line of gaming mouse pads, one of which they were kind enough to give me on the day. Everything you’d want in a gaming pad, solid grip on the bottom, fantastic texture on the surface. The cool thing is they come in a variety of sizes too so you can pick one that suits your desk size.


Despite the cool new peripherals, Hyper X is still continuing with its excellent range of memory and storage options as well. Their PC RAM has always been designed for gamers, with great speeds and plenty of room for overclocking.

Unlike other companies who make gaming peripherals, I left the booth with the feeling that Hyper X are specifically targeting the high-end or competitive gamer. For those who make a living from gaming, perhaps spending a lot of time on the road or abroad, you need high quality gear that isn’t going to break in transport and will continue to deliver perfect performance. It’s an admirable goal and one that I feel Hyper X can achieve.

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