Ginger: Beyond the Crystal.

Ginger is wonderfully bright and dynamic; the colours easily draw you in, as does the story.  Even though it has an overarching story line, it is not one that is very time important. Meaning you can go and explore the game a lot.

You play as Ginger, a hero that the goddess created to help the world when she was no longer able to protect it due to a crystal explosion which caused a mysterious threat to loom over the world and its inhabitants. As you travel through the world you help to bring back peace and order by recovering the brilliance of the crystal that keeps the world in balance. You help in any way you can.


This normally means doing quests for the villages, or helping more prominent villages who got sucked into portals by going in and finishing the level which they are on to free them. Once you do this the more prominent villages will give you different outfits which are needed in order to do some tasks.

For example one villager I saved gave me a bards outfit which helped me to gain access to areas that needed you to play music in order for you to progress further. Other suits that I saw but did not get included one where you could use fire and another that would shrink you so that you could fit in to small spaces.


The game has three major parts to it. The open world part can be seen in the picture above. In this part you go around doing quests, building houses, and other things in order to get the crystal in the middle of town back to full power. This part of the game reminded me very much of Croc, and old PlayStation 1 game.



The second part is where you go through the portals and into a more platformer style, which reminded me a lot of Crash Bandicoot. The main objectives of these parts were to gather the crystal fragments, and to gather wood, rocks, and other things so that you can rebuild the houses for your villages. In this part there are also enemies that you have to kill or they kill you. I found the most effective way to kill all the enemies I came across was to use the jump attack as then you didn’t get hit by their attacks.



The last part is more like a bonus round where you go and gather crystal fragments in order to cleanse a red one at the end of the level. This is the part where I died more often than the other parts. I couldn’t get the timing right for some reason but my partner who doesn’t like to play on the console was able to finish a level I kept getting stuck and dying on over and over. These levels reminded me a lot of the old Crash Bandicoot bonus levels which made me enjoy them more.



The only issue I had while playing was that when I attacked one of the pigs in one of the first levels the game glitched and sent me to a different part of the map. Now this would normally not be an issue but because I had not finished what I needed to on the part I was on before the glitch I could not get back to the first part, meaning I had to exit out of the portal and start again. It happened again in another portal but was nowhere near as bad, and I was able to finish the level without having to leave and come back to it.

The controls are easy to pick up, so small children will be able to spend only a few minutes figuring things out before being lost in the world of Ginger: Beyond the Crystal. It is also good for kids in the way that you don’t have lives and dying in the game has no ill effects meaning they can play as much as they like with out getting a game over screen.

It is definitely a good game to pull out on a rainy day when the kids are getting too rowdy and need to be distracted with something.



Release Date: October 25, 2016
Genre: Platformer
Publisher: Badland Games
Developer: Drakhar Studio
Platforms:  PC, Mac, PS4,  Xbox One, and Wii U.

SUMMARY: Most parents who are looking for a fun game to distract their kids for the weekend should give Ginger: Beyond the Crystal, a go. It is fun not for just children but also adults as I did have fun playing this more than I thought I would.

SCORE: 90%

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