Dishonored 2 Review

Dishonored 2 is the highly anticipated sequel to 2012’s Dishonored which received high praise from critics. Does Dishonored 2 live up to the standard of its predecessor? Well, lets break down what makes Dishonored 2 an enjoyable game for players with different play styles.


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Unlike the first game, Dishonored 2 gives you the choice to play as one of two characters. You can be either Emily Kaldwin who is the young girl you rescued in the first game (but now grown up) or Corvo Attano who was the protagonist from the first game. Both Emily and Corvo have their own set of powers that differ in many ways but are also similar. Corvo has the same powers as he had in the original game, so for those who want something familiar to start with he is the best choice. Emily’s powers are slightly different, she has an ability called ‘Far Reach’ which is the equivalent to Corvo’s Blink teleport ability except Emily’s requires you to grab onto something which can be quite challenging in certain situations. She has another ability called ‘Domino’ where she connects several targets together so if you kill one target the others will die as well. Neat.


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Like the first game, Dishonored 2 allows you to play the game in complete stealth or to cause absolute chaos. For my playthrough I chose Corvo and I went for complete chaos, abandoning stealth and caution and relying solely on my weapons to get the job done.  How you game will decide which ending you get, so multiple playthroughs with both characters is encouraged. Despite avoiding stealth and going with the lethal option, I found the game to have a fairly high difficulty, much higher than the original game. I’m not ashamed to admit that there was quite a bit of quick saving and loading going on during my playthrough.


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Visually, Dishonored 2 is amazing! Its unique art style and level design make the game extremely enjoyable to explore, including finding all the hidden Runes and Bone Charms hidden throughout the levels. The team over at Arkane Studios did an amazing job at creating unique missions and levels that I have never experienced in a video game before and I have no doubt they will be some of my favourites of all time. These include a mission set inside a mansion where there are levers all around that change the layout of the rooms and turns the mission into a puzzle as you need to change the layouts to make your way through the mansion. Another favourite involved a picture above where you get a device that allows you to see and travel into the past; that mission is my favourite and stood out from the rest of the game.


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The only problems I had with Dishonored 2 was that at certain points I would get frame rate lag. This mostly occurred when there was a lot going on at once, for example large groups of enemies, changing rooms, and viewing the past, to name of few. I was also hoping the length of the game would be longer, as I finished it in approximately 10 hours and I spent a long time searching for hidden things and exploring the levels. It does however, offer a high level of replayability which makes up for this, plus they will also be releasing DLC for it too. Ultimately Dishonored 2 is a highly enjoyable game for those returning to the franchise or for those who are new and are looking for a fun and extremely challenging game to play.

System: Playstation 4

Playtime: ~10 hours

SUMMARY: Dishonored 2 is an extremely challenging and fun game for those looking to play a game multiple ways and times to find everything it has to offer.

SCORE: 90%

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