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Equals is a drama that takes place in a very sterile future-tech utopia. The survivors of the near annihilation of the human race (The Great War) live free of emotions. Using a kind of immunisation at birth, in order to remove their emotions, the society attempts to keep everyone logical. The film starts off reminiscent of Logan’s Run (1976) crossed with The Island (2005). It ends up with a love story filled with twists and turns, drama and suspense. Equals stars Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult.

Movie Overview

The two main characters Nia (Stewart) and Silas (Hoult) work at the ATMOS facility, a company that researches, records and illustrates history for posterity.

Bella records the voice over for the educational packages and Beast provides the illustrations. This society is made to look almost perfect. No need to lock doors. Zero crime. The society meets the people’s needs. Work is efficient. There are strict rules in place to keep the society safe. The rules in place don’t even allow for physical contact with other people. There is a part where the very helpful TV lady informs us to keep our eyes out for people who are showing emotions, touching or having physical contact and report them the the Health and Safety Officers… which confused me a bit, what is the difference between touching and physical contact? Pretty sure they are just synonyms.

The movie uses cinematography to help tell the story and flesh out what this world is like. The very first impression the movie gives is one of a clean, sterile and working-like-clockwork world.

Minor Spoilers

My Thoughts

equalsscreenshotEquals is a good drama that is interesting and enriching. Watching Kristen Stewart play the role of Nia was interesting as she starts off with no emotion at all, just like in the Twilight series, but slowly begins to get emotions as she progresses through the stages of the SOS disease. I’m not used to seeing her act so it was interesting and took me back a little. Seeing her actually pull facial expressions and act is a new thing that must be seen, consequently she can add that to the resume now. Together Stewart and Hoult have some great on screen chemistry, a few tastefully filmed love scenes, which helps get viewers invested in the plights of the characters and the threats they face.


Hault and Stewart share some great on screen chemistry…


Was it good? Yeah, I really enjoyed it. Equals used lots of visual imagery and concepts to tell the story rather than the in your face “THIS IS WHAT IS HAPPENING” that lots of Hollywood movies tend to use these days. The dialogue and narration via the TV lady tells just as much of the movie as the cinematography.

Would I watch it again: Definitely! Not just well written but also had excellent acting, a deep story and relatable characters while being supported by great cinematography. Equals was an excellent film.

Recommendations: I’d highly recommend that you see it, even just to see Kristen Stewart do some actual acting for half a movie.


Final Rating:


Eight out of Ten. Leading up to the Time War kinda awesome.

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