Hello Neighbor! Preview

Over the weekend I was granted access to the pre-alpha of an up coming game, Hello Neighbor. It is a stealth game that uses an advanced AI system to have the game learn from your mistakes as you try to gain entry to your Neighbors Basement.

Hello Neighbor Gameplay

And boy does it learn. I came in the front door before I was caught so the next time around there was a bear trap on the steps. I managed to jump around that and ring his door bell while he sat and watched TV before running around the back of the house and trying to get in though a window, which I managed to do. While sneaking into the garage I was caught yet again. I think throughout the time I played I got caught a lot and each time there was something different in or around the house. He ended up putting cameras in at one stage at the front door and around by the garage, not to mention a lot of bear traps which I got caught in a few times.

Hello Neighbor Gameplay

The first time was when I was sneaking around the house and I just opened the door to find a bear trap followed by the loud music of an incoming angry neighbour. When you sneak in the first time the basement door is unlocked and a strange orange light is coming out of it. My first idea was to just run in the front door and head to the basement, which was rather silly as I was caught quite quickly.

Hello Neighbor

After this the door had a bit of wood over it and a keypad. I am guessing that you have to find a way to get around it. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to in my playthrough. Having the AI Learning each time you die and play again is really fun as it makes each playthrough different and keeps you on your toes. It will be good to see the final game as I hope they fix the glitches, like your neighbour standing at your fence throwing tomatoes and bear traps through your window.

Hello Neighbor Gameplay

This will be a game that I keep an eye on and I am looking forward to its release on PC next year. You can find it on Steam already.


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