Has the long fabled Guardians of the Galaxy Easter Egg been found???

Comic book adaptions are know for their meticulous Easter egg placement in films and TV shows. Watching any Marvel or DC TV Show or film, you’re bound to find dozens of them. From the now famous “Empire Strikes Back” tribute in Phase Two of the MCU, where someone loses an arm in every film (even in Agents of Shield), to the “blink and you’ll miss it” Star Sapphire Easter Egg in Green Lantern (The Star Sapphire logo is on Carol Ferris’s helmet), Easter Eggs have been a huge nod to fans of the source material. James Gunn has openly stated that there is one massive Easter egg to be found in Guardians of the Galaxy, and someone may have just found it.



James Gunn has claimed there still is a hidden Easter Egg no one has found yet.


YouTuber MasterTainment believes he has cracked the secret Easter Egg. The video is attached below. It does go for eight and a half minutes though, so if you don’t want to watch it, I’ll write out what he thinks he’s found. And the idea is SO cool, that I really hope it’s true. Also, there is potential HUGE spoiler about Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2.

Okay so you’re this far because you don’t care about spoilers, so let’s get into it!

So this specific Easter Egg has something to do with The Dark Aster. When we see the ship for the first time, a title card for the ship shows up with the star ship type of Kree Warship, and what can only be assumed to be a star-date. The star-date reads T8ISIS13O131931N3518. However, when this code is broken down, it can be read like this.

T 8 I S I S 13 O 13 19 3 1 N 3 5 18



Our first look at The Dark Aster, in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.


There is a specific reason, however, as to why certain numbers are still grouped. If you take each number, and correspond it with its relative number in the alphabet, you get this.


This is Mom cancer. We all know that Peter Quill’s mother dies early in the film with cancer, but this is where the theory gets REALLY interesting. Going back to the name of Ronan’s ship, The Dark Aster, we know that Aster is basically another word for Star. So that would make his ship mean The Dark Star. Dark Stars have been compared to Black Holes. Let’s keep that in mind for now.

Now, another comment made by Quill’s mother, is that his father was made of pure light. At the time, everyone (myself included) thought it was a metaphorical thing, but what if it wasn’t? What if he was actually made of pure light? When a black hole sucks in too much energy, it shoots out a beam of light. The best comparison to give is exactly what MasterTainment said himself. Imagine you’re out at dinner, and you eat too much food. But you keep eating. You’re bound to vomit, right? This also applies to black holes. So black holes are known to shoot out beams of PURE LIGHT, and guess what they are called? They are called quasars.

For those that haven’t gotten there yet, there is a character in Marvel Comics called Quasar!





Now in the comics, the most well known version of Quasar is actually a man (yes, a regular, ordinary man) named Wendell Vaughn. He worked for SHIELD, and is fairly proficient in hand to hand combat. He does however, have something called Quantam Bands, which are fused onto his wrists. They are basically used to manipulate light and energy. He also has something that is called a Star Brand, which grants superhuman strength and resiliency, regeneration of his entire body (meaning he doesn’t need to eat, sleep, drink or breathe) and the ability of flight. He also works via a code, or what is referred to as his Standard Operating Procedure, which is Contain, Drain and Attack. So basically, shut the threat down, drain their energy and take them out.

Since there have been major liberties taken with the source material in the MCU so far, this is a theory that I could totally get behind. Now, I know that James Gunn has come out and said who Quill’s father is, but what if it’s all a ruse? Sounds far fetched, but if it’s true, then I’m sure it would be bound to blow a few minds that such a deep cut of Marvel Comics is being used like this.

Once again, all credit goes to MasterTainment on this, and I totally hope it leads to be true. This would be so amazing. Let us know what you think of this!

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