Cosplay in Focus: Sydney Oz-Comic Con 2016

Well, Oz Comic-Con Sydney just recently wrapped up and while we didn’t get a chance to talk to anyone in depth about their builds, it was still a very lively event on the cosplay front. This year we had four guests in Cosplay Central: Something Wicked Cosplay, Black Cat, Variable and Miss Sinister were all wearing their Saturday and Sunday best as they met fans new and old.


Something Wicked, Black Cat, Variable and Miss Sinister, (Day One)

In addition to the cosplay guests was the artwork of A Christou Illustration & Concept Art, whose forest, metropolitan and post-apocalyptic murals were a huge help to cosplayers and photographers alike. We’ve got our fingers crossed that there’s an even wider range on display next year and that other cons consider following suit, as the inclusion of large artworks like these helps everyone overcome the limitations of taking character-relevant photos in a commercial space.


Saturday group cosplay winners, Kelsey Does Stuff and Tequila Mockingbird Cosplay as Ranger General and Banshee Queen Sylvanas Windrunner

Unfortunately, I got distracted by the Overwatch bunny group (who wouldn’t?) and missed out on everything except the final few minutes of Sunday’s cosplay competition. It’s always great to see so much effort and skill brought together in one place, and we wish the overall champion Henchwench (as a truly epic orc death knight) and all the competitors the very best in future.


Something Wicked, Black Cat, Variable and Miss Sinister (Day Two)

I hate to say it, but I wasn’t at my best this weekend. Being an adult sucks so much energy out of you that you barely have enough to enjoy being a kid again, so while I’d usually have a bunch of cool photos of a bunch of cool people to show you, I spent the better part of the con keeping myself caffeinated enough to stay conscious. Hopefully I’ll have adjusted to the new way of things by EBX. In the meantime, stay awesome.

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