Armello – Usurpers Hero Pack

More of your clan forges out into Armello to confront the tainted King. The stoic and zealous warrior of the Wolf Clan. The Rat Clan mystic and seer. Organised and methodical, the engineer of the Rabbit Clan. And behind them all, the quiet yet destructive member of the Bear Clan. Will these new heroes tip the balance? Or will the King continue his vile reign?

Armello – Usurpers Hero Pack is a DLC pack for the highly successful digital board game Armello. It adds four new characters and four new rings, one for each clan. The characters and rings follow no particular theme.

Elyssia from the Rabbit Clan is the first new character. Much like the other Rabbit Clan characters, she is not particularly strong in attack or defence. However, she does possess the ability to automatically fortify a town at the end of her turn. This provides her with some extra protection when attacked in the town. Also, if you are playing a strategy that relies on generating income, then this is an added hurdle for other players to steal your town.

The next new character is Sargon from the Rat Clan. Like Mercurio he relies on having a varied and large hand of cards in order to be effective. Luckily, Sargon can look beyond the veil, meaning that whenever called on to draw cards he can see what the next card in each deck is. This allows the player to choose the right card for their current situation, or prepare for future events well in advance.

Armello Usurpers

Magna is a warrior of the Wolf Clan, and the third character in Usurpers. Being clad in armour, scale mail and possessing a massive shield, she is obviously about defence. But rather than soaking up damage, Magna is designed to reflect attacks back onto her opponents. Players who have trouble with enemies which possess large attack outputs will find a lot to like in Magna and her abilities.

The last new character is Ghor, of the Bear Clan. Like the other Bear Clan members, Ghor is heavily nature-themed. However, he backs it up by gaining Mana bonuses from inhabiting forests, as well as gains benefits from adjacent forest tiles. While in forest tiles Ghor morphs into a massive treeman, which goes a long way to dissuading potential attackers.

To go along with the new characters are the four new rings, Aquamarine, Rubellite, Quartz and Tanzanite. As with the other rings in Armello, the new rings provide small statistic bonuses or grant minor abilities. They certainly provide a welcome boost to any of the characters, and provide an incentive to replay each of the old characters again.

This DLC pack doesn’t change the fundamental nature of Armello itself, or offer any improvements to the program. So any issues that previously existed most likely persist. However, the new content has been well constructed, with the characters being unique additions to the roster that don’t seem to unbalance the game.

Armello Usurpers

In fact, the only problem I encountered was when Ghor changed into tree form. On some occasions it seemed to play the accompanying sound effect four or five times in quick succession, creating an awful cacophony of noise. This wasn’t every time, however, and so can be considered a very minor annoyance.

I do, though, question this packs cost. While I don’t disbelieve the time and resources that went into creating and testing these four characters, and the accompanying rings, a USD$10 price tag seems a little excessive. Especially when you consider that the standard Armello game is only USD$20.

SUMMARY: If you can’t get enough of Armello then this DLC pack is definitely for you. It provides a wider selection of characters and options, which should see players gain hours of play time as they test out character and item combinations. However for casual players of the game, the price tag being attached to such limited content may not warrant the investment.

SCORE: 88%

Armello – Usurpers Hero Pack is developed and published by League of Geeks. It is available on Steam now, though you require a copy of Armello to play it.

Reviewed On: PC
Review System: nVidiaN9600C, G1 Sniper M7 S1151, 16GB RAM
Playtime:  5 hours

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