Cosplay Interview: Scarlet Moth and Flash Frost

Earlier this month I was granted a chance to have a talk with Flash Frost Cosplay and Scarlet Moth Cosplay about what it takes to create competition worthy costumes and the joy of cosplay in general. Both cosplayers have recently made it into the Cosplay Showcase of the Oceanic Pro League in Brisbane this month, and their costumes are nothing short of fabulous. It is no wonder these cosplayer are two of the lucky ones chosen out of hundreds to show their work at the event.

How long have you been cosplaying for:

Flash: I will have been cosplaying for two years this October.

Scarlet: I have been cosplaying since July of 2013, so about three years now.



Nami from League of Legends (Scarlet Moth Cosplay)

What inspired you to make you OPL costume?

Flash: Sejuani has always been one of my favourite champions and I’ve found it difficult to find any cosplays of her redesign. So I decided to bring it upon myself to try and bring her to life and share it with the the League community.

Scarlet: Nami is my absolute favourite champion in League of Legends, and the character I tend to play the most in the game. I have always wanted to cosplay her to show my love for that character and to truly personify my favourite champion.

What were its biggest challenges and struggles?

Flash: The biggest challenge was finding the spare time to complete the costume before the deadline for the OPL competition. I actually worked myself so hard in the last week of the deadline that I was sick for that week and the following two weeks.

Scarlet: Figuring out how to make a mermaid tail I could walk in! I feel like the tail is such a huge part of her design so I didn’t want to just have a mermaid scale skirt. I wanted to have a proper tail to flip around in. In the end I decided that I needed a zip along the front. Figuring out how to create the bare chest opening on the top was also interesting.


Flash Frost’s Sejuani Cosplay Progress.

How many hours did your costume take?

Flash: Honestly the hours were uncountable. Some days I spent every waking moment working on it, others I just did work casually whilst completing other things around my house. Paint takes quite a while to dry.

Scarlet: I started working on the original iteration of this costume way back in 2014. That version never made it very far, but I’ve been working on and off on the Nami concept since then. I started the version you see now back in November 2015, and finished it up in late January of 2016.

Are there other League of Legends cosplays you will be attempting in the future that you can tell me about?

Flash: My next two League of Legends cosplays will be the new Project Ashe skin and traditional Diana. I really like my pale hair characters.

Scarlet: I would really love to cosplay Lamb from the champion duo Kindred. Also at some point down the track I would love to finish up my Orianna cosplay. I may branch further out from League after this.

What are your favourite things about cosplay?

Flash: I have two favourite things about cosplay. One is the freedom I have when it comes to crafting the costumes. My imagination gets the chance to go wild and I challenge myself. The second thing is the wonderful people I meet and get to surround myself with. Seeing people bring to life so many of my favourite characters is almost magical.

Scarlet: Being able to bring my favourite characters to life in fun and creative ways. I love the challenge in making a cosplay, and to me making a cosplay is half the fun. It is a great creative outlet which has allowed me to meet wonderful new friends. Cosplay brings people together from all walks of life and is such a diverse and one-of-a-kind hobby.


A breakdown of Scarlet’s Nami.

What would you improve about the costume?

Flash: As cosplayers we are always so self critical. If I could redo the costume I would recast all the gems and insert LED aspects like I had originally aspired to before time became a problem.

Scarlet: In a perfect world where I had all the time, money, and supplies I needed, I would love to make a silicone version of Nami’s outfit which I could swim in. For now, that’s just a dream.

What draws you to League of Legends characters?

Flash: I’m drawn to Sejuani because of her strength. She won’t take anything from anyone and fights for what she believes in. Oh, and in game she’s immensely strong!

Scarlet: The unique quality of each character really draws me towards League as both a game and a source of cosplay inspiration. There are so many champions, each with unique lore, abilities, and skins! It’s truly a cosplayer’s dream.



Sejuani From League of Legends (Flash Frost Cosplay)

What is the difference between creating a competition cosplay vs. a regular convention or casual costume?

Flash: For me there is no difference. I always put as much effort into every costume I make as I physically can. I feel that by approaching each costume as if it’s for a competition, it always leaves me with a result I’m more satisfied with than if I didn’t give it my all.

Scarlet: I try not to think about there being a difference to making cosplay for a competition and cosplay for normal convention wear. I want to put love and effort into each costume I make and make it with care to get each detail right. That’s just how I like to work though.

What advice do you have for people thinking of entering cosplay competitions?

Flash: Don’t enter competitions for the reward or fame. Enter them to not only showcase your work but to also receive constructive criticism from the judges to help you improve in the future.

Scarlet: You have nothing to lose by entering a competition! It’s a great way to gain experience and to go out of your comfort zone. Who knows, you may just win something if you enter! Don’t be afraid to compete and always try to have fun doing so.

Where can people find you on social media to see more of your work?

Flash: I’m Flash Frost Cosplay on Facebook and @flashfrosty on Instagram

Scarlet: I go by Scarlet Moth or Scarlet Moth Cosplay across most social media outlets. You can connect with me by going to Scarlet Moth Cosplay on Facebook, tweeting @ThatScarletMoth on twitter, or going to @ScarletMoth on Instagram.

With their amazing costumes and truly wonderful views on the hobby of cosplay it is no wonder these two girls have been chosen to be members of the 2016 showcase. We here at Pixel Pop Network wish them all the best with the competition and can’t wait to hear some awesome stories from the event.

The OPLs will be held in Brisbane on the 13th of August. If you are a fan of League Of Legends, awesome cosplays, or competitive gaming in general check it out.

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