Bitten Season 2

Unlike season one of Bitten this season starts off running. While the first season took its time to progress the story and for more of the mythology to be explained, this season dives right into it with witches.

If you haven’t watched Season One of Bitten already then careful for spoilers and don’t click below. If you have seen it and need a quick refresher, go right ahead.

Season One Spoilers


It took me a while to actually get into Bitten having tried to watch it when it first came out. I think that was mostly due to the way they transform. Growing up, a werewolf was always a half man half wolf creature, not a man or women that could simply turn into a wolf.


While watching I found that they had a lot better lore than some of the other supernatural shows when it came to werewolf lore. It also had the best showing of a werewolf using their powers in human form as well. Some shows don’t allow them to use their powers in human form, so it was nice to see that one finally did.

It was interesting to see that the witches were all female, apart from Aleister, and nearly all the wolves were male. In others shows it’s usually a more even mix. Once it was explained it did make a little bit of sense, the witches only have females due to a prophecy that they will all be killed by a male witch, so all males that are conceived are killed, most of the time before they are born. As for the werewolves there are only males because females can not handle the pain during the first transition and tend to die. Except for Elena who is the first as far as anyone knows.

I found it good to see that the witches were a bit more powerful than other shows and the fact that they had two types of magic paths made me happy and meant that not every witch was the same.


I really did like watching Bitten. The story had enough of a pull to keep me watching and I am ready to watch the next season. I do suggest to people who do like supernatural shows to give it a watch and bear with it through the first half of the first season as it does get better.

Bitten – Season 2 is available now on DVD and Digital Download. Check out the Entertainment One website for more information.

SUMMARY: Over all I did enjoy the Season, though there are things I don’t like that much about Bitten. It is an enjoyable show for people who like The Vampire Dairies and The Originals as it is similar just no vampires in it yet.

SCORE: 80%

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