Super Mutant Alien Assault Review!

Super Mutant Alien Assault is a Arcade platformer shooter with an amazing soundtrack that is extremely fun and challenging that sucks you in! So lets talk about what makes this game fun!

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The story for the game is that you take on the role of a small security droid that jumps from ship to ship protecting the humans on the ships who are in cryofreeze from the assaulting aliens. You protect the humans by using the many guns, explosives, perks, defence moves and special abilities that are throughout the many levels. At the start of the game, you have two different security droids to choose from, but as you progress you unlock more. It also supports local co-op, so you and a friend can journey through the game together killing aliens.



The gameplay is extremely fast paced and intense as you run through randomised levels shooting different kinds of aliens. As you progress through the levels you are made to complete small tasks to move you on to the the next room such as releasing steam before it overloads. Throughout each room their are either weapon crates or explosive crates and occasionally there are both. These crates give you random weapons or explosives that will help you to take down the aliens although some of the weapons can be more of a burden than a help. There are health packs as well in some of the rooms, which is great as you can lose health quite easily, and replenishing health before the next room is highly recommended. I would also recommend that you play the game with a controller as it is a lot easier than a keyboard. The game is broken up into galaxies. You have three rooms and then a boss fight and the bosses are extremely hard.

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Graphics and Audio

The Graphics of this game are extremely good for what it is. The art style is great and is extremely polished for pixel art. The special abilities look great and the weapons are outstanding! The aliens are well designed and look amazing and quite intimidating.

The audio for this game is one of the best parts. The weapons and aliens sound great, but the best part is the soundtrack. There is an amazing dubstep soundtrack to go along with killing aliens which makes it so much more fun and satisfying as you go through the levels. It suits the game perfectly and makes it so much more enjoyable.

Super Mutant Alien Assault is available on Steam here.

Reviewed on PC

3 Hours played

SUMMARY: Are you looking for fun and fast paced Platformer shooter? Then look no further! Super Mutant Alien Assault will Keep you entertained with its fun game play, beautiful art style, and an amazing soundtrack!

SCORE: 80%

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