Dex – Playstation 4 Review.

Looking for a blue hair protagonist? Futuristic setting? Hacking computers and people a little more your thing? Then Dex may be the game for you. It’s a side scrolling platform game that has a lot of focus on the role playing element contained within it.


Dex originally released on Steam May 7th of last year but was only released onto consoles this month. This game does a lot of things really well and one or two things not so great. I found the story to be one of the great things and it largely kept me interested and motivated to complete the game.

The adventure begins with you receiving a message from a well known hacker named Raycast, who informs you that ‘The Complex’ (aka the bad guys) are coming after you and you must leave as quickly as possible. As you prepare to leave though those bad buys have already arrived and are making their way up the elevator, not to worry though as Raycast teaches you how to disable the elevator so that you have enough time to run out of your room via the window.

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Once you flee your apartment you race across the rooftops until you find a safe haven for hackers and netrunners called ‘Fixer’s Hope’, where you meet Decker who also assists you in fleeing from the men The Complex has sent after you.

Continuing your flight for freedom and answers, you find yourself at the home of Tony (a friend of Decker) where you are contacted by Raycast again who tells you why The Complex are after you. Raycast then asks Tony and Decker to teach you how to hack, hide and fight in an attempt to keep you alive and out of the all pervasive eye of The Complex.


Dex is pretty free form game; it lets you do what you want for the most part and it doesn’t have a particularly urgent main story that you need to get to straight away, much like the Elder Scrolls titles.  I spent most of my time doing all the side missions I could before even touching the main story. I also tried to explore as much as possible and get as much done as I could before beginning the main story line.

I found that the story was a little lacking or cliche at times but it still managed to kept me wanting to follow it to the very end, overall I enjoyed it.  However silent take downs definitely count as a strike against the game. There was no way to upgrade them at all, and there was no option for being sneaky which could have been very helpful in a lot of places.

The hacking part of the game I found to be more annoying than fun. It wasn’t that it was simply hard (And it certainly was at times), but it was very time consuming and after many failed attempts it made me just want to give up on some of the terminals that I was suppose to hack.

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In saying that, once you get your hacking skill up high enough you are able to start hacking people who have cyber implants and disarming them, making it easier for you to beat them. It was also useful for being able to disarm alarms and turrets when you were in a place you weren’t mean to be (Of which there are many).

I did enjoy the combat and for my skills I went mostly with melee and just a little bit in ranged so I could get rid of turrets and alarms when I didn’t have any focus for hacking. The combat was made a lot easier once I had a few points in the melee option and a few implants of my own that dealt extra damage and made me more of a formidable foe to come up against.


Overall I enjoyed the game despite some frustrating moments hacking. I died a lot while playing it and even got an achievement for being crushed to death by an elevator, which I found rather amusing, this didn’t deter me from playing the game however. I’d recommend Dex to people if looking for a light game to play over a few days.

Played on Playstation 4 for roughly 10 hours.

SUMMARY: I enjoyed Dex and it is definitely a game that I will play again and again to just try and come at things a different way than I did in the last playthrough and in hopes to get all the achievements.

SCORE: 80%

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