Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

As a lover of Naughty Dogs games and having played most of their games, old and new gen, I couldn’t wait to play Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. Having played the others in the series I was excited when I first heard that there was to be a fourth in the series, but sad at the same time to hear that it would be the last.

I was surprised when I started the game to find myself thrown into a wild boat chase that was also in the middle of a storm. Not only did you have to try and capsize the boats that were after you, you also had to dodge the sharp rocks that would appear as you continued to the island you could only see in flashes of lightning. Compared to the other games this one had a more action packed start to it, and it made it more fun for me. It also raised a lot of questions about how Nathan Drake got into that mess, reminiscent of the second game when you wake up covered in your own blood in a train that is hanging over the edge of a cliff.


To me the game was perfect. It had everything that I could have wanted; adventure, puzzles, beautiful scenery, and not that much combat. One of the things that the Uncharted series is known for is the beautiful scenery and locations. Uncharted 4 takes this to the next level. With the next gen graphics it makes the scenery stand out more and makes the game more immersible – being able to hide in bushes and see the veins in each leaf was something that I liked.


One of the only things that I felt that could have been improved on was the story, with the introduction of Nathan Drake’s brother. It seemed weird to me as he was never mentioned in any of the other games, yet according to Uncharted 4 he has been treasure hunting with Nathan since they were teens and well into their adulthood, but in the previous game he is not mentioned when Sully finds Nathan, who is living on the streets at the time. Though the story gave us a much better look into how all the characters interact with each and how their relationships work.

One of the best things for me in the game was the Easter eggs littered throughout, from other Naughty Dog titles like The Last of Us and Crash Bandicoot. My favorite being an actual playable level of Crash Bandicoot in the game, and to my surprise it was one of the levels I am really good at (though the controls for it in Uncharted were not the most responsive, but that could have just been me).


As with the other Uncharted games I will be replaying this one as it was a lot of fun, especially with the introduction of the grappling hook and being able to slide down cliffs (well, certain cliffs). This added something new and fun to the game, something which every Uncharted game has done. Each game in the series has brought something new to it that has helped keep players interested and want to keep playing. One of the other things that was handy was having aim assist. I know what you might be saying, ‘using that is not playing the game properly’, but for me the combat isn’t a big part of the game, so having aim assist helped me get through bits that I would otherwise fail many times and gotten frustrated with before walking away and coming back to. As it was, in Uncharted 4 the parts I was getting frustrated with were when I was failing in areas that didn’t have combat or when I would jump too soon to get up a cliff X amount of times.


In conclusion I found this to be one of the best games I have played in a while. It won’t knock my favourite game off its pedestal, but it is up there with being one of my favourite games of all time. To those wanting to get into the series I would suggest either getting the first three games on Ps3 or, if you have a Ps4, getting the Nathan Drake Collection which has the first three remastered for Ps4, as the story line does flow over in the games.



SUMMARY: I love this game and I will play it again multiple times, it had everything I liked in it and to me it was a near perfect game. If you haven’t played the games I would still suggested picking this up and having fun with it.

SCORE: 95%

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