The Divergent Series: Allegiant (Spoiler Warning)

Having watched the first two movies before Allegiant (Divergent and Insurgent), I was actually looking forward to this one. That was until I watched it. I found it to be rather boring and a bit lacklustre compared to the other two films. Sure there was a lot more of the story told but I felt that it didn’t live up to the last two.


At the end of the last movie the people of Chicago found out that they had been part of an experiment and that there were humans living beyond the wall around the city. Everyone ran to the wall to go out and find the others humans outside of it. At the beginning of Allegiant we learn that the new leaders of Chicago have closed the gate and are forbidding anyone from leaving. We also see that things in the liberated city are turning hostile and the people that helped the villain in the last film are being executed for what they did. The two main characters come into play more as one of the people to be executed is Tris’ brother Caleb. They end up freeing him and escaping to the wall together, Tris and her other companions make it to the wall and end up making it over, though they are almost stopped by some of the others from the city.

Once over the wall they see that it seems to be nothing but a wasteland. They slowly make their way through the wasteland until they are ambushed by those who tried to stop them leaving. The group tries to outrun the people, and when all seems lost they are saved by the Bureau of Genetic Welfare, who were the ones who started the Chicago experiment in order to breed more genetically pure people.


As soon as they were helped by the Bureau I could tell that they were not good and that the Bureau was indeed the villains for this movie, though I’m not sure if they intended for it to be suspected right away. Once they are taken back to the Bureau’s base we learn that they have experiments like Chicago all around the United States in cities that still remain after the purity war (something which is only mentioned in this film). We find out that the Divergents that everyone was afraid of back in Chicago are actually closer to being pure than the other humans, with Tris being the most pure of them all at 100%.

As the group spend time learning about the Bureau they start to figure out that not everything they do is above board. Tobias (one of the main characters) goes out on a mission with some of the others from the Bureau and is shocked to find that they steal children from the Fray (the wasteland) and wipe their memories with a gas before taking them back to the Bureau to integrate them into the Bureau’s populace. Meanwhile Tris, after learning that the head of the Bureau (David) can’t do anything to help the people of Chicago, travels with him to the council to beg them to help. She finds out that David is the one in charge and could have helped all along, he just doesn’t want to as his plan is to use the memory wiping gas on the city and put the people back into their factions. No one is really surprised when they find out that Peter again betrayed them, and once again it is up to Tris and Tobias to save the day as no one else will, which of course they do.


I felt as though the movie concluded the series well until I saw David standing behind Tris as they finish saving the city from the gas, glaring at her for doing what she did. As it is the last book in the series on which these movies are based, there is to be another movie, which I hope is not as boring as this one was.

For more information regarding The Divergent Series: Allegiant including locations to purchase a physical or digital copy, head over to the Entertainment One website.

Available on Digital 13th of July and on Blu-Ray & DVD 27th of July.

SUMMARY: It is rather dull and what action is in the movie is pretty lack luster, even the drama that is going on seemed too drawn out. But for those who really love the series they will like it, for me it is so far the weakest of the series.

SCORE: 40%

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