For Azeroth! – Warcraft Movie Review

Blizzard is well known for making games and making sure that they are well polished and enjoyable. The games are full of cinematic scenes that are also well polished and draw the player into the experience more. It only made sense for them to make a feature length cinematic one day and they did just that with Warcraft: The Beginning.

With that being said I was able to go and see the pre-screening of Warcraft thanks to a friend of mine and my partner’s who had tickets but was unable to go due to work. It seemed pretty quiet when we first arrived but as it grew closer to the start time so did the crowd of people. It was surprising to see that no one really dressed up in costume for it apart from two keen cosplayers that were in attendance.



As we went into the cinema we were given our complimentary Warcraft Ice cream and 3D glasses. As we were a few of the first to enter we got the pick of the best seats before the place became packed by other fans. Once everyone was seated a lady came out and thanked us all for being there, letting us know that we would be some of the first people in Australia to see the film. Other states were also doing the same thing around the same time as us.



As the movie started and revealed the first character on the screen I felt happy in the fact that even though I have not played a lot of the games prior to World of Warcraft, I was able to know who they were and what parts they were to play in the story to come. It was also interesting to see the Orcs in their home land before coming to Azeroth, a land that had nothing like them in it until they ventured through the Dark Portal to flee their dying land that was corrupted by the Fel.  Once the movie flicked to scenes of Azeroth, and in particular Stormwind, I was amazed at how they had made it look and how big it was compared to the Stormwind I was used to running around in, though everything looked like I expected it to, and some areas were near identical to the World of Warcraft game.

If I have any gripes about the film it would be with the armour, which looked too much like molded plastic rather than actual armour that would save them in a fight.  All the other effects for the movie looked really good apart from the armour and weapons of the humans. To be honest it reminded me of the armour and weapons the cosplayers were wearing.

The way the Dwarves looked was not at all how I pictured them having played World of Warcraft and having seen what they look like from the other games, also the Night Elves they showed looked like they had plastic ears. I understand if this was in game that they would look like that as the graphics of the game are a bit ‘cartoony’ but in a movie such as this it did not fit.

WarcraftBoxOne other thing I was a little annoyed with was that they changed the story around a bit. I know that it was done through Blizzard so all the changes were probably given the green light by them, and the changes did make some bits of the movie more dramatic than they would have probably been otherwise.  In saying that, other than the parts that were changed it did live up to the story that was set from the first game ‘Orcs & Humans’. It was cool to see how the events in the movie, which corresponded with the first game, also effected the way Azeroth looks now, and it explains why the tower Karazhan looks the way it does in World of Warcraft. However, they did get one part wrong, which I had to double check when I got home. Dalaran should not be floating at this time, it was still in the Alterac Mountains, on the ground. It was destroyed in the Second war of Azeroth and from then till Wrath of the Lich king it was in a protective bubble, and it wasn’t just a passing comment, they showed the city floating.

I found the casting choice to be quite fitting for the characters they played, though with Travis Fimmel playing Anduin Lother I could see a lot of his other roles coming through, but that could be because of how long he played the other character for.

Despite the flaws that I found in the movie I still thought it was good and I would recommend it to those who don’t follow Warcraft or have only followed World of Warcraft. It does give a lot more insight to the world and how things came to be. Even those who have not played any of the games will enjoy it for what it is and that is a solid fantasy action movie.

SUMMARY: This is a film a lot of people could enjoy despite the flaws that some fans will find in it. It’s cgi effects were spot on and the story follows close the the original lore and events that shape the world as we know it in World of Warcraft.

SCORE: 75%

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