Review: Razer Naga Chroma

My first impressions were a mixture of ‘ooooh’ and ‘pretty’. And that was before I even plugged it in and saw the gorgeous light display. The mouse is visually pleasing, it’s design is somewhere between sports car and tactical gear. It’s sleek, matte, and kind of looks like it could be used to stab someone. Which is part of what lead me to believe it would be heavy, but it is actually so light. It’s heavier than my old mouse, it has a lot more built into it, but it is so light. But it isn’t cumbersome, not even in my tiny, childlike hands. It feels about half the weight of my mobile phone. I took it out of the box, tossed it in the air a couple of times while marveling at how light it is (even managed to catch it), slid it around on my table a little, then quickly put it back in the box before I broke it. I had some learning to do before I played with this thing.


I usually never bother to read the product information. I’ve set up TVs/game consoles/phones/whatever before, I don’t need no stinking instructions. But the booklet I actually poured over because I’ve never had a high end mouse before. I don’t know what to do! It does so many things I didn’t expect! The wheely thing in the middle clicks from side to side? On purpose? It doesn’t mean I’ve broken it? Genius!


So THIS is what a manual looks like!

Joking about my ineptitude aside, this is a seriously beautiful piece of technology. It glides smoothly over all surfaces I tried it on. Mousepad, pillow, books, the floor. The scrolling wheel doesn’t scroll with one strong swipe, but that’s because the wheel clicking from side to side is your continuous scroll. I’m not sure if I like this option yet, you don’t appear to be able to slow down how fast the scrolling is. But it’s not a bad thing.

The hardest bit for me to get used to was the twelve number buttons on the left side of the mouse. These are a totally foreign concept to me, so if you also haven’t used something like this before I suggest you practice when you first get it. I warmed up to the new set of buttons with some Minecraft, which was probably for the best because I have a habit of holding tightly onto the mouse when I panic and more than once I found myself suddenly fighting creepers with a bucket (not as effective as it should be if you ask me, getting hit with a bucket hurts). I’m glad I did take the time to familiarise myself with the new functions on something I could do no harm on. I’d hate to have dived straight into Elder Scrolls Online because I just know I would have ended up accidentally attacking a guard or something and bounties are now a real thing in that game.

Installing everything I needed to and registering this thing was a bit of a nightmare though. It shows you were the serial number is, but not the product number (it’s one of the last things on the bottom of the mouse, fyi). And even then I STILL couldn’t just click on wherever my mouse was and adjust the colours. Can you not make me go through an epic quest just to set my mouse to purple, please?




“Hello, Sarah. Do you want to play a game?” YES! That is exactly what I’m trying to do!

I clicked on something which started downloading tournament drivers for my mouse, but it was unclear if that would let me customise the colours. (Spoilers: it didn’t.) So I watched a youtube tutorial. Then another, and another. I had a problem. All these videos were from Razer users who already had their products setup. Their Synapse had their hardware recognised and ready to go, mine only had the surround sound. Which I didn’t even want, I just want the mouse. After close to two hours of fighting with it and saying a bunch of words I can’t put here, I gave up. It’s not worth it. Getting to change the colours on the mouse is NOT worth the setup, which gives you zero guidance.

I got someone who was better at IT than I am to look at it for me while I was at work. And it worked perfectly. He didn’t do anything different or special, he just turned my laptop on and there it was. So I wish I could include a way to fix the problem for anyone else out there who may run into it, but apparently the fix is ‘don’t be Sarah’.

Resentment aside, I got to play around with colour customising. Which was ridiculously fun. And almost made me forget that this mouse hates me.

Did you know you can match your mouse to your pants?!

Did you know you can match your mouse to your pants?!

It took a little finessing but I eventually mapped out my buttons for ESO in a way that worked and then ran a few quests. And it does make such a difference. My left hand can focus purely on movement and dodging while my right covers all my attacks. Sure, every now and then I’d hit the wrong button and stab when I meant to trap, but I used to do that anyway (and at the cost of running). It will take some getting used to before I can do offense seamlessly, but this is such a great mouse.

So, after all that, what do I think? Has this changed the way I play games? Am I jumping ship to join the PC master race? Yes to the first, no to the second. I definitely enjoy it more now, I am able to play better since I can keep moving while doing all my abilities. And I do think this has ruined me, to an extent now, because there’s no chance I can ever return to a regular mouse. Now that I have had a taste of the finer mice in life there is no going back. This is what a gaming mouse should be. Quick, comfortable, makes playing easier, and able to change pretty colours. I am a fan. Just look at this thing.

Insert Barry White music here.

Insert Barry White music here.

In fact I’m actually eyeing off their Tartarus Chroma Gaming Keypad. So if this was a ploy to get me interested in your products, Razer, all I can say is: well played.

Razer’s products can be purchased at their website or in select retailers and carries a recommended retail price of $139.95 AUD.

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