“Pixels” : Pixel Art by Lukas Stobie

“Pixels” is a fine art showcase by Lukas Stobie, currently on exhibition at Artboy Galleries, Greville Street, Prahran, Victoria.

Pixels – A Pixel Art exhibition by Lukas Stobie

Pixels has been four years in the making with 50 works predominately made up of 8-Bit pixel style murals of ludicrous detail. Displaying characters from Lucas’s favourite movies and television shows, the elaborate illustrations capture the visual tone, set pieces and most recognisable characters of classics like Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Breaking Bad and even Alien, as if they were at some point churned through a Mega Drive and slapped on a canvas.

Lukas Stobie is a Melbourne artist, filmmaker and musician currently based in Japan. He has been signed to ArtBoy for four years and you can see why he is one of the gallery’s most successful artists.

Pixels - 8The moment you look at an 8-bit render of the White residence – centred in the beige Albuquerque desert surrounded by the pixelated cast of Breaking Bad – your intrigue is stimulated by trying to identify every version of Gus by plot point and episode. The same goes for the Game of Thrones depiction which we are told by the artist is made from a list of a few hundred characters.

The pieces are detailed, sometimes taking months to construct and capture the relationship between modern video media and their audiences with a twist of nostalgia. Lucas has contributed works to some of the content creators themselves like the American Horror Story: Freak Show portraits extracting iconic scenery from within the episodes, commissioned by Twentieth Century Fox.

Pixels - 5

Pixels - 7The works are not limited to still images; Lucas has tried his hand at developing a video game. Rising Dusk is a puzzler disguised as a platformer with an interesting mechanic of navigating your way through the environment while keeping track of disintegrating platforms. Each level will require multiple attempts as you stop and think about where your character needs to jump next, lest you break a platform, preventing you from going further.

If you’re interested, the demo can be downloaded from his site studiostobie.com

We’re impressed and recommend you check out “Pixels” at ArtBoy Gallery, Greville St, Prahran until the 7th of May or reach Lucas Stobie via Twitter @studiostobie.

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