Motion sickness from gaming: Do you have it?


I suffer from motion sickness while playing certain video games. For a long time I wasn’t sure what was wrong when it came to certain games. I couldn’t play a lot of first person games to start with but as I grew older and more games came out I found that I had the same problem with third person games as well, the only games that did not effect me were RTS games.  Having said that first person games effect me and so do third person games, it doesn’t happen with every game from those genres.

I can happily sit and play Farcry 3 all day but can’t play P.T for more than a few minutes, so for years I was limited on what I could and couldn’t play. At the start I had no idea it was motion sickness at all, not even my family guessed that you could be effected by motion sickness while playing video games. It wasn’t until we looked in the book for King Kong when it came out on Xbox did we think we had an answer to it. We thought that it could be photosensitive epilepsy, and for years this was the reason I gave when asked why I couldn’t play games, because that’s what I thought it was.

Over many years I have tried various things to help and alleviate the problem, sitting further away from the screen, eating while playing, drinking lots of water, making sure that the room is bright as well as turning up the contrast on the games, Nothing really seemed to work and it became frustrating.  So I just stopped playing a lot of games just in case I happened to get affected by them, and the way I would judge if I could play a game was to watch someone else play it and if I felt sick while watching I would stay clear of it.

The symptoms I get are:


Feeling Dizzy.

Light headedness.



The first thing that starts is the headache followed by feeling light headed and tired. If I continue to play I start to feel sick like I might throw up. If I drink water and have something small to eat it’s not as bad, though after playing I do need to lie down as I do not feel okay. As far as I remember though I haven’t puked while playing games, thankfully.  Finding out I had motion sickness not photosensitive epilepsy was a bit of luck as a person my partner works with has it when he plays games. He suggested for me to try Travacalm, something that helps with motion sickness on cars, planes, and boats (I get motion sickness as well in these and a few other situations).

One of the first things I tried from the Travacalm range of products was;


It worked wonders. I was able to play games I couldn’t before. I could play for a few hours before feeling light headed and sleepy, which may have been a symptom of the pills or the motion sickness. I found that only taking one instead of two made me able to play games for longer without feeling too light headed and tired. Though they made me feel tired and light headed, they may not make everyone who uses them feel this way. It does have a warning that it can cause drowsiness and not to operate cars or machinery with it.


The next one I tried was the natural variety that didn’t have caffeine in them like the original ones do. I didn’t feel like they lasted as long as the others ones did, but with these ones I didn’t feel any side effects. I just had to stop playing games sooner than I would have liked.


Now these right here are miracle workers. I have only had them for maybe a month or so but they are so bloody fantastic it is not funny. There are no side effects to them and they do the job better than the pills. They work by pressing on a pressure point in your wrist that is between two tendons. I put them on to play Layers of Fear which is a first person horror game and I had no problems. The game was dark and your character walked with a limp, two things that would have set off my motion sickness normally but with these on it didn’t. I even took them off and played to make sure it wasn’t just the game, and I had a headache after ten minutes of playing.

So to those who think that they may get motion sickness while playing games I do suggest you try the travel bands,  I haven’t tried it out in a car yet but for playing videos games the bands are the best thing I have tried so far.

To anyone reading this and thinking that they also may get motion sickness from playing games do try these out and see if they help. It is a one off cost (until they break of course), unlike the pills which you have to buy every time you run out. I haven’t tried it out in a car yet but for playing videos games the bands are the best thing I have tried so far. I have learnt it is a more common problem than I thought it was, and there are a few people I know of that have this problem. Also if you know of anyone who may have this let them know and get them to try the things I have as it may help them.

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