Nintendo are holding all their cards for the NX in 2017.

nintendo_nx The new Nintendo console, codenamed but not necessarily finally named NX, has officially been announced as releasing in the early month of March 2017. While the actual regions expected to be receiving this console at this time is unknown, we are finally getting into the nitty-gritty of what the NX will actually be. After being teased with information, purely that it exists, at last year’s E3, one can finally expect the true reveal at this year’s E3. I mean, that’s when everyone in the video game scene is talking, so why not be the topic of conversation. But let’s be honest, Nintendo has never played by the rules before, and that’s their problem. Nintendo has been a bit of an erratic company over the past 30 years; originally the pioneers of innovative gameplay and video game styles, of late they have become somewhat famous for their classic brands over the brands they introduce now. Outside of the handheld market, Nintendo are usually not the leader in hardware (although to be fair the Wii did outsell the PS3 and Xbox 360 combined), with notable third place offerings in the console market with the Gamecube and the already dust absorbing, third party nullifying Wii U. Nintendo is scrambling to create another system, one that can actually bring some real engine power a table which is already crowded by the Xbox One, PS4 and PC battling it out for supremacy. nintendo_nx_geno But what good is coming to the table without fanfare; jumping in through the side door and sidling up to the competition is just bad sportsmanship. Nintendo are missing an opportunity to actually bring their big guns to the major gaming convention, if not for the chance to attract the other gamer markets that have placed their trust in rival consoles, than simply to give Nintendo fans a reason not to walk away. To convince the die-hard fanboys that this is not another 3 years and move on console, because after today’s news, I don’t trust Nintendo to not just abandon the NX if it doesn’t work. You see, Nintendo didn’t just announce a launch date for NX, but they also announced what I long feared. The eagerly awaited Wii U focused Legend of Zelda game is not focused on just Wii U, but has been delayed to launch with the NX. Remember when Twilight Princess (which after the re-release just last month might have been a subtle hint in hindsight) was Gamecube focused but ended up being made especially for the Wii waggle controls at launch? Yeah, that bitter pill was hard to swallow then and it’s even harder now. We all know that the NX will be the version to get, because who wants the scaled back version of anything when paying full price? the-legend-of-zelda If Nintendo really wanted us to see that the Wii U was worth keeping, or to remind us that our initial purchase was worth it (which was sold with a video of a new Wii U Zelda by the way), they should have released the Zelda game at the end of the year for the Wii U and then plan to release the port with the NX later, Most games for the other consoles do that all the time already, but again Nintendo aren’t like the other consoles. Am I excited for the NX? Well, truthfully, no one knows what the NX is even going to be. At the moment we have been following breadcrumbs of fake leaked footage, third party companies saying what they ‘think’ it might be, and just industry speculation. At the moment all I am seeing is a company which has released only 3 major titles for its own console in the first third of 2016, and with no real major titles coming in the distance outside of another Olympic game and a Paper Mario spin-off. To say that the Wii U is dry is an understatement, and it doesn’t bode well in consumer confidence for the next system. nintendo-nx Nintendo’s future to me should be in the game developing side. They have now successfully adapted to the mobile space with Miitomo which has had over 10 million downloads on mobile devices and with the recent announcements of a Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing game for those systems, as well as the hyped up Pokemon Go, it’s clear people want to play their games. They just don’t want to keep buying consoles that have only a handful of games on them. Nintendo, as an owner of every console and handheld you have made to date, I look forward to seeing what the NX is, but you have never been closer to losing me than you have right now. And I swear if the NX is just a massive Amiibo reader I will legit burn all my Nintendo memorabilia.

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