Gold Coast Supanova – 2016

As another year passes so does another Gold Coast Supanova.  This is personally my third Gold Coast ‘Nova that I’ve attended and each year the craftsmanship that goes into the cosplay improves greatly!

From the novice to the advanced cosplayers, each year you clearly see their knowledge of costume making skills increase and so do the number of people attending cons and actually dressing up!

From years back when cosplay used to be looked down upon and the numbers were scarce, the community has rapidly grown in numbers and cosplay has become a huge comfort for many people to reach out and feel accepted when they may feel rejected by most of society.

Conventions such a Supanova, Comic Con and PAX are considered an escape for many people who are looking for a weekend with no commitments and just a fun loving environment where you can express your love for all your favorite characters, video games and shows.

So I encourage you to attend a convention if you haven’t already and keep an open mind to the new world around you. Let yourself become mesmerized by the amazing costumes and friendly faces surrounding you, not to mention the unique shopping experience that comes hand in hand with the convention, ranging from rare props and action figures to costumes and art work painted by amazing, talented people who attend the conventions.

So with out further ado I introduce my weekend and ‘Goldnova’ 2016!

I was able to obtain interviews with five amazing cosplayers and had them show off their amazing work for us.

The cosplayers that were involved in the video were:


Oliver Thomson


Hannah Parkins


Tyler Wortley


Nic Routledge



I myself had a busy weekend as I try to stay in cosplay each day. Friday I was Lara Croft from ‘Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness’, Saturday I was ‘Princess Kida’ from Atlantis and finally Sunday I was ‘Togepi’ from Pokemon.


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As always I had a memorable experience at Supanova meeting cosplayers and admiring their work as well as being able to spend time with people who share the same hobbies and outlets as I do. It’s great to just get away and have time to relax in an environment that makes you feel completely welcome.  So if you haven’t already been I recommend you attend a Supanova near you and if you see any of us from Pixel Pop Network don’t forget to say ‘Hi’.

Thanks for reading and stick around as there will be more cosplay content to come along with more tips and tricks. If you wish to contact me feel free to either message me here or my page Hey Drunni.

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