10 Cloverfield Lane – Review

10 Cloverfield Lane is the “kind-of sequel, kind of not” to the 2008 hit film Cloverfield, starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World/A Good Day to Die Hard) and John Goodman (Argo/The Big Lebowski) with the feature film directorial debut of Dan Trachtenberg (Portal: No Escape).

While not a direct sequel, 10 Cloverfield Lane feels right to be called a “blood relative” to the found footage monster horror hit. Mary Elizabeth Winstead turns in an incredible performance as Michelle, a car crash survivor that is found by John Goodman’s character, Howard. John Gallagher, Jr. (The Newsroom) also puts in a fantastic performance as Emmett.

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Goodman and Winstead turn in amazing performances as Howard and Michelle.

While the original Cloverfield was done as a “found footage film” a la, The Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity, 10 Cloverfield Lane is a sensational psychological thriller, with enough twists and suspense to leave you satisfied when you leave the theater.

A solid chunk of the film takes place in a small, dingy, underground nuclear bunker, giving a claustrophobic feel to the film. The film is accompanied with a score by Bear McCreary (The Walking Dead/Battlestar Galactica) that during key moments of the film, had me on the edge of my seat. Some of the best parts of this film are where the dialogue takes a back seat to music and the performance of the actors, making the scenes way more intense.

For a first time director, Dan Trachtenberg definitely puts forward the idea that he’s done this a million times already, and I’m very eager to see what he puts out next. Story-wise, I shouldn’t reveal too much as going in blind to this film, like I did, will greatly benefit the storytelling process. However, there is spoilery review below talking about key plot points of the film. So read this, bookmark it, go see the film and then come back.

Please be warned, clicking the line below will reveal the next part of the review and will contain huge plot points of the film, so please proceed at your own risk.

Spoiler! Don't click until you've seen the movie! Or don't care.

SUMMARY: Overall, the film is carried purely by the performances of all three leads, however the silliness and predictability of the final 20 minutes was the only complaint I have. In saying that, the film was a tense and meticulously crafted film that stands proudly alone from Cloverfield and could lead to it’s own franchise.

SCORE: 85%


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